Introduction: Hanging Lamp With IKEA Gaddis Bamboo Basket

We wanted a DIY hanging lamp for the kitchen and I wanted something wooden-like but light and small as kitchen area is small. So..what about bamboo?

For your hanging lamp you need:

- a cutter
- a lightweight bamboo basket (ours is Gaddis from Ikea)
- lamp socket with cable
- light bulb

Step 1: Cutting the Basket

Since the basket is made of bamboo, you can easily cut it also with a small saw or a sharp knife.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the basket as wide as the socket. Make sure not to cut it any wider, otherwise you will not be able to secure the socket anymore. It would be too loose and the basket might fall.

Step 2: Putting Everything Together

Once you have secured the socket, connect the socket wires to the mains line. As always, remember to disconnect the electricity before connecting anything to live wires.

Lastly, screw the light bulb on you are! A brand new lamp!