Hanging Minion Planter Bag With Growing Hair.




Introduction: Hanging Minion Planter Bag With Growing Hair.

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This is my FIRST ever instructables so I hope it meets everyone expectations. Your comments are welcome as I’m still learning. Enjoy...

Use a standard knitted tube pattern to make Minion Planter bag. Don’t know how to knit? Neither do I, and that’s why I use a knitting machine! The best part about making a minion, is that they are instant icons. Anything yellow, rounded, with a black strap and a googly eye immediately screams Minion! Make it as big as you want and do one eyes or two. It’s really up to you! Customize the size and look as you see fit. I chose Black Mondo Grass for the growing hair because I thought that it best expemplified it’s features being the color of minion hair, and it makes a great feature plant indoors and out (in most climates).

Step 1: Materials List

Singer knitting machine toy
Crochet hook/knitting needle
Heat gun (hair dryer works)
Waterproofing silicone spray
Minion yellow yarn
Blue jean yarn
1 yard yellow rope for arms
1 yard black cord for hands
1 foot blue paracord for suspenders
2 inch googly eye or eyes if you want 2
Electrical tape
6 inch square of aluminum foil
Inexpensive nylon dress sock
1/2 lb clean gravel
Black Mondo Grass - a young one looks better than a full one. More realistic.

Step 2: Start With a Knitted Blank

For this instructable I’m going to assume that readers either know how to knit a sock blank or use a knitted machine like myself. If you need help using the singer toy that I’m using, I found this video by Margaret Olander to be quite helpful. https://youtu.be/OnIw5Nd-9PM

You need to make your blank twice the size you want your minion because it’s going to be doubled up. My blank is at 14 inches. The best part about this project is that you dont have to be exact on every little measurement and you can still get great results. Plus it makes each one, one of a kind!

Insert a durable cord to act as a drawstring through the middle of your blank and pull the two ends together.

Step 3: Reduce Texture

This step is entirely optional, but I feel that it improves the appearance by keeping it neat and tidy. This photo shows the difference the top portion being before and the bottom, afterwards.

Using an embossing tool or hair dryer. Carefully shrink up the excess fuzz on the yarn and spray the entire this with a silicone fabric waterproofing spray. Follow its instructions and only use in a well ventilated area (outside). Once cured, rinse with a little soapy water.

Step 4: Planting Liner

Place 1/2lb gravel or course sand in the bottom of the dress sock liner. This is to act as a ballast so your minion stays upright. Using a standard potting mix fill the sock to about the size of your minion (you can always add more later)
Place your black mondo grass in the top and double back any excess sock material. Water it to make sure you get any air pockets out.

Step 5: Insert Liner Into Planter

Pull the finished ends partway closed to round out the top. Tuck the untied ends down inside, they’ll hold themselves well enough. Pull the drawstring closed, and tie it in a bow.

Step 6: Simple Eye

Cover the edges and backside of a 2” googly eye with aluminum foil and shape to a desired thickness. Using standard electrical tape make a goggle strap and afix the foil covered googly eye.

Step 7: Adjustable Arms

I used about a yard of yellow rope ran down around the bottom of black sock liner and out the sides. Good thing I tied the yellow drawstring so I could have access. I was originally going to have the length be fixed but this way makes them adjustable. I did 4 simple loops with black cording. I secured those with electrical tape to represent gloved hands.

Step 8: Make Pants With Suspenders

Using a much smaller blank in blue, use the same method in step 2 to create a draw string that will be let lose to fit over the arms. It combined with the yellow blank will create a capsule together. I used flattered paracord for the suspenders and glued the ends together with superglue.

Step 9: Make Lips

It took me 3 tries to find a look that I liked. I decided on the yellow color and I like the ‘meh’ expression it gives off. The first two just look creepy and wrong to me. What do you guys think?

Step 10: Hang and Display

The adjustable arms, and hand loops means that it can hang just about anywhere. Add a metal ‘S’ or ‘E’ hook for added convenience, but that’s entirely optional.

Step 11: Make Sure Yours Is Hummingbird Approved!

A couple snapshots of a hummingbird checking out the planter for the first time. I had to start my own YouTube channel so I could share the video I captured. https://youtu.be/4Qhqq6zVoEI

I hope you enjoyed this creation of mine, and I’d really love for your vote on the planter competition! Thank you!

Step 12: After a Couple Weeks.....

Here is after a couple of weeks of being outside. You can see that he’s held up pretty well. The only thing that I can see that may need to be replaced in the future, would be the googly eye. All looks good for now! Tag me when you post pics of your own. Instagram, Twitter, tumbler, and GrowIt mobile I’m always @happenstantials

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    4 years ago

    Nice minion with natural hair ).

    I voted!


    4 years ago

    Very well executed... Good one!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for commenting!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    So adorable I need to make one for my granddaughters


    Reply 4 years ago

    Make one for yourself too! These are fun to have hanging around no matter your age!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That is awesome. It is seriously one of the most creative planters that I have seen.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you, it’s a lot of fun to make and have hanging around the house. Perfect for 1 plant people.