Introduction: Hanging Nostalgia Light

This is the hanging nostalgia light fixture.

It's inspired by the drooping of the weeping willow tree and meant to be aesthetically rustic and old fashioned looking.

Step 1: Parts to Acquire

You need:

1: A piece of wood whatever size you want, I chose plywood

2: A hook and nipple to string wire through

3: Washers

4: Lock Washers

5: "Nostalgia" Bulbs

6: Brass Chain

7: Sockets

8: Wire Nuts

9: Red or Brown rope wire

10: Hubbell Plug

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill a hole the size of your screw and hook and then create a valley for easy access for your pliers to tighten the washers.

Step 3: Drill Hooks

Add hooks for the future chain to hang on.

Step 4: Stain Your Wood

Apply with rag and sand down in between coats if needed.

Step 5: Wire

Wire by stringing the rope through the hole and connecting to sockets.

Then take the wires on the other side of the wood and connect the hot and cold wires and cap them with the wire nuts.

Connect them all to one wire and attach to hubbell plug.

Step 6: Chain

Attach Chain

Step 7: Final Product and Thoughts

Each light turns on individually with this switch.

When finished screwing in bulbs hang the fixture from the ceiling and turn on.