Introduction: Hanging Paper Decoration

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After making the layered frame card, I recalled a hanging decoration I had seen at Menards the other day.  I thought I could recreate this with paper, so I did.

Supplies: Designing:
  1. Choose your image.  The own shown is the "scalloped label."
  2. Copy and paste it about 1/4 an inch away from each other.  I found it easiest to copy, paste it, lay it in top of the previous one and then drag out opposite corners just a little way.
  3. I ended up with 10 images.  You can go out and in as far as you want.
  4. Send it to the Silhouette cutter.
  1. Lay out your first piece and (if you are using glue) dab glue on opposite corners.
  2. Gently press the thread down so it is stretched between it the corners.  Don't leave it too loose.
  3. Carefully repeat this using ever other piece that was cut out.
  4. If you used glue, leave it to dry completely.
  5. Now find a nice open place to hang it up, keeping in mind it is made of paper.
Now just enjoy watching it twirl in the wind!
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