Introduction: Hanging Shelves

Super easy and cute hanging book shelves. Perfect for any space you may have!

Step 1: What You'll Need

1"x10"x6' wood board of your choice

A drill with 1/4 inch bit

30 feet of black paracord

Circular power saw



Tape measure



Step 2: Measure Your Wood

You will need to cut your wood into three different pieces, one 30 inches, one 22 and one 14. You can make your sizes a little bigger or smaller depending on the amount of space you have or what you are using your shelves for. Mark with pencil where you want to cut.

Step 3: Cut

Cut along the marks you just made.

Step 4: Mark and Drill Holes

Make a dot one inch from each side to drill a hole. Repeat on all four corners and every piece of wood. With a 1/4 inch drill bit, make the holes.

Step 5: Hang Curtain Rod

Hang the curtain rod on your wall.

Step 6: Cut and Tie Rope

Cut the rope to be twice the distance of how far you want each shelf to hang plus about 6 inches. Mine are one, two and three feet down but you can chose different lengths if you want. After that burn the ends of your paracord and string it through a hole in your plank. Tie a figure 8 knot like shown above. Put the rope over the curtain rod and through the second hole on the same side of the board. Tie another knot. For the second side you have to be careful, make sure your shelf is level before you tie the last knot. Repeat for the other two shelves.

Step 7: Final Product

Note: my curtain rod was really thin so you can see it bending. I would recommend getting a more sturdy one.

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