Introduction: Hanging Table Nightstand

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About six months ago we discovered a local sawmill where they had live edge wood at a great price. We found a really neat piece that we thought would make a great hanging table. The wood has been sitting in my (steph) bedroom (where the finished table will be placed) since that time. This gave ample time for the wood to dry out and acclimate to the space. The time came to make the table and this how we did it.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Gather Materials

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Step 3: Sand Wood

There were many ridges on this piece of wood so I started with a 60 grit sandpaper. I went over the surface many times and really tried to get into the raised ridges.

Step 4: Drill Out Middle

After it was sanded down I noticed the center of the wood was raised and looked, not so pretty. I decided to use a hole saw to cut out the middle section and then use a jig saw to clean it up.

Step 5: Finish Top and Bottom

We love the look of this wood and wanted to warm it up a bit so we used shellac to finish it. Between thin coats I used 220 grit sandpaper and removed the dust with a tack cloth. I did three coats of shellac on the top and bottom of the wood.

Step 6: Prep for Epoxy

Now what to do with the hole in the middle—I decided to use it as a place to store small items. We thought clear epoxy would be perfect to accomplish this. First I cut a piece of contact paper to the size of the hole and then cut a bigger piece, placing the hole size one sticky sides together and then put the two layers sticky side down onto the wood to seal the holes so the epoxy would not leak through. Then I further sealed the area with aluminum tape.

Step 7: Attach Rope and Swing Hardware in Space

We love when a projects turns out just as we envisioned, if not better. This is a great table to charge my Apple Watch and to hold some small accessories. One place where we differ on opinion is I love the movement when the table is touched but mom, not so much.

What do think of the hanging table? Love the look or impractical? Let us know in the comments below.

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