Hanging Hydroponic Waterfall Filter Garden




Introduction: Hanging Hydroponic Waterfall Filter Garden

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For growing plants in areas where there was no space before

Step 1: Ingredients

Plant holder trays

Coir (coconut hair)

Hessian (burlap)

Cable ties

20mm pipe with hole punched in on one side (holes spaced 10cm apart)

Pipe stopper

Inline tap


hanging frame


3" nails

Step 2: The Build

Lay 2 of the plant holder trays on a flat surface.

Spread coir on the trays

Lay the hessian on the coir

Spread more coir on top of the hessian

Lay the remaining 2 plant holder trays on top of the coir

Connect the upper and lower plant holder trays with cable ties beginning with the bottom side.

Once that is done insert the 20mm pipe between the pot holder trays on the top section with the holes in the pipe facing down.

Insert the pipe stopper on one end and a flow control tap on the other side of the pipe.

Using more cable ties, connect the sides and top of the 2 layers of the pot holder trays todether, sandwiching the coir and hessian inbetween.

Your hanging water fall filter garden is now ready to be set up.

Step 3: Hanging the Waterfall Garden

Here I have used 2 gumpoles to make the hanging frame.

Here you can use your wisdom to create your own type frame to suit your application.

I attached one of the gumpoles to the roof truss and the other onto the wall with a pole bracket.

The two free ends of the gum poles are connected giving you the frame to hang the waterfall garden.

I have used chain to hang the waterfall garden to the frame.

The 3" nails are used to connect the chain to the waterfall garden.

Once the waterfall garden has been hung, attach the pump and switch on.

The water should flow between the plant holder trays keeping the coir and hessian wet.

Step 4: Planting the Hanging Waterfall Garden

My hanging waterfall garden is orientated so the it receives both morning and afternoon sun.

Parsley seedlings have been planted on both sides of the garden.

The coir acts as an attachment for the roots and the hessian acts as a wick for nutrients for the plants.

The hanging waterfall garden in picture is part of a multiple aquaponic and hydroponic setup where there is a vertical wall, a bell siphon system and floating raft as well as the hanging waterfall garden, all running off one pump.

Step 5: In Conclusion

I enjoy trying to make different growing systems.

The advantage I have found with the hanging waterfall garden is four fold.

It utilises the fish waste to help grow the plants

It acts as a filter for the pond.

The waterfall effect airates the pond water.

It allows for plant growth in unutilised space.

and fifthly, it kinda looks cool.

I hope this all makes sense, but try build your own waterfall garden and have fun. Think out the box and create a plant growing area where none have tried before.

Kind regards


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    5 years ago

    Really clever. I like the idea of recycling the pot holders, using fish waste to feed the plants, etc. And I like the rustic look of it overall.

    Thanks for sharing.