Introduction: Hanging Yarn Ball Planters (3dprint Version)

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This hanging garden which in japan is called Kokedamas, an alternate version of the bonsai. It originated from japan in the 1600s and now are making a big resurgence as they look incredible and easily decorate any area of the garden.

This instructable version uses colorful yarn and uses a 3dprinter to create a tool to assist it making the perfect spherical planter.

Step 1: 3dprint Your Spherical Planter Tool

We found to make the perfect spherical planter we need a tool to assist us. We initially tried doing it manually but it usually ended up not looking like a sphere.

Go to the site on to download your free spherical planter tool.

This 3d print is a 150mm sphere with a hole in the middle to allow for the placement of your chosen plants.

If you like to create different sized sphere you will need to scale up or scale down.

Step 2: Get Your Equipment Ready

You'll need
- your 3dprinted spherical tool
- pair of gloves
- box cutter/scissors
- dried coconut fibre
- potting soil mix
- a selection of plants and succulents to plant
- a few different colored yarns. The brighter the better

Step 3: Build Up Your Planter

Soak your coconut husk with water.
Layer a thin but sufficient layer of the coconut husk on inside of half of the 3dprinted tool

Then fill it with some moisten potting soil mix

Do the same for the other half of the sphere

Leave a space at the mouth of the tool to allow for the plant you wish to use.

Once ready unpot your plant and place it in the space you have allowed for in the sphere.

Next just sandwich the two spheres together.

Keeping it moist and tight really help to maintain it shape.

While that's pressed together pick out the yarn you would like to use and unravel some of the yarn.

Slowly separate the printed sections away.

If done correctly you should have a perfect spherical coconut like planter.

This is the tricky bit where you start carefully wrapping the sphere with the yarn.

Go over randomly over the sphere and try and maintain the sphere as best as you can.
If you think a section is bulging out use the yarn to wrap it tightly to keep the sphere in tack.

Wrap as much as you can don't skimp on the yarn. The more colored yarn the better and more vibrant it will look.

Next tie a knot to end the yarn leaving behind enough yarn to allow the planter to hang. Take the other end of the string and find the desired centre of gravity before tying the other end of the hanging string.

Step 4: Hang Your Awesome Planter

Congratulations you've made a hanging planter.

Why not get the kids involved as well.

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