Introduction: Hanging a Barn Door for Our Master Bathroom

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Being as this is an old farm I have the perk of having several old barn doors that I stashed in a safe place and have been drooling over for months. This one was my grandparents’ old wood shed door.

In the pictures you will see first that I brought the door and the hardware in before I went through all of the instructions. Then, I added the wheels to the top of the door, this was a simple as drilling out the correct sized holes and screwing in the anchors before attaching the top wheels with screws.

Step 1: Getting the Rod Mounted and the Door Hung

With the wheels on the top of the door attached I took my measurements then headed up stairs. I drew a level line on the wall and then added the mounts in, three of them to studs, the other two with sheet rock anchors. Then I set the rod in place and secured it using the mounts.

With that done it was a simple as setting the door in place!