Introduction: Hanging Hair Tie Holder From Old Jeans

A fun way to upcycle a favourite pair of jeans that no longer fit your kids!  A sewing project that makes good use of your overlocker (serger)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

A pair of jeans - or other trousers
Scraps of fabric for the pockets and ruffle
Stiffening to hold the shape of the hanger
Dowel rods and ribbon to hang

Step 2: Making the Hanger 'base'

Cut the front and back sections of the jeans apart:
Stitch the legs together to make 2 rectangles; these are the basic hanger shapes

Step 3: Cut Pockets to Size

Cut scraps of material to the size of pockets you want. Mine were 8cm square and I had 8 for each hanger.  Then use and overlocker or serger to finish the edges off. If you don't have one of these - either use fabric that doesn't fray, or you can double turn and stitch using a regular machine.

Step 4: Pin and Sew Pockets to Jeans

Arrange your pockets as you want them on your hanger, and pin then stitch into place.  Remember to leave the top of the pocket open! And stitch a little triangle on the top corner of each pocket for extra strength!

Step 5: The Ruffle

Cut a long strip of pretty fabric for the ruffle around the edge. I cut 150cm to go around kids jeans.
Then finish one edge - either with overlocker (serger)  (I used a rolled hem) or double turn and stitch on a regular machine. Then ruffle the other edge - either using that setting on your overlocker (serger) or use a regular machine - do a large stitch, then pull the thread at the end to 'ruffle' the fabric up. (If you use a regular machine - you'll need to double turn the edge to finish off too)

Step 6: Put It All Together

Cut a piece of stiffener fabric the same size as the jeans base, then pin all 3 pieces together - stiffener on the bottom, then jeans on top, and ruffle on top.

Step 7: Dowel Rod Hanger

Thread the dowel rod through the belt loops on the top of the jeans.  Drill a small hole in either end, and thread through ribbon or cord. Tie to desired length.  All finished! Now fill up the pockets, cllip the hairclips onto the ruffles around the edge - and hang up!