Introduction: Hanging Heart for Necklaces

I started with a 2 and three quarter by twenty four inches block of wood. I screwed it down to the sacrificial board of the Shopbot Buddy. I used three and a half inch screws. I made my file on Corel draw x5. I then exported it as a dxf file so the shopbot could read it. I then calibrated the machine you can see exactly how i did that by checking out my other instructables.     

Step 1: Routing the Pocket Swirls

I made my files on V carv pro. I made a pocket profile first. I routed the swirls on the heart. I used a two flute endmill. 

Step 2: Drilling Path

I then load up my drilling path profile.  

Step 3: Routing the Star Profile in the Heart

I then loaded up my star profile and watched it route.

Step 4: Routing the Heart Profile

I then loaded up my heart profile and watched the shopbot route away.

Step 5: Sanding Off the Roughness

I then took my heart and sanded the roughness out of it with the belt sander. i made sure to get all possible profiles and what i couldn't smooth out with the belt sander i used a palm sander with 80 and 100 grit paper. 

Step 6: Rounding Corners

I then used a table router with a 1/4 in round over bit to round out all edges except the inner star. 

Step 7: Masking With Frog Tape

I then masked off the profiles were i did not want blue paint on

Step 8: Rattle Can Painting

I then spray painted the star reddish pink and the heart blue. I waited a day then i masked off the what i painted blue and i unmasked and sprayed white in the swirls

Step 9: Adding Plastic Dowels

I then cut 1/12 plastic dowels and fit them in the drill pattern that i made and I then secured the star with a couple finish nails and now it was ready to be wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree.