Introduction: Hanging Phone Pocket

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Make this simple hanging pocket for your phone that will keep it safe while you charge it.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this instructable you will need

Some felt fabric, a piece that is 3 times larger than your phone

Yarn or any other thicker thread

Sewing needles


Step 2: Cutting Out the Material

The piece of felt we had was a bit too large so we started by cutting a piece off.

It should be a little larger than twice the phones width in width and 1,5 phones in length (image 1:1)

Fold the piece in half and cut out a hole in the top through both layers of fabric (Image 1:2)

Then cut a slit under the hole from the edge to the middle of the fabric, this will create the pocket hole.

(image 1:3)

Step 3: Sewing It Together

Start by threading the needle and making a knot at the end of your thread.

Fold the hole piece so it is double (image 2:1) and insert the needle in the fold (image 2:2) this hides the knot.

Then start making blanket stitches around the edge. (image 2:3)

You do this by pushing the needle through both layers of felt, making a loop of thread from the previous stitch and then pulling the needle through the loop. the first stick should look something like image 2:4 before the stich is pulled tight.

Continue doing this across the edge, aligning the "loop" with the edge (image 2:5) top view and (image 2:6) back view.

Step 4: Making Corners and Fastening New Thread

When you reach a corner try to make a stick in an angel to the corner like in image 3:1 and 3:2.

When you have sewn all the way to the edge of the fold continue and sew down the flap (image 3:4) Do this by pushing the needle straight through both layers of fabric making a stitch in the back and then going up at the front again, through the loop.

For us it was now time to get a new piece of thread. So we cut the thread from the needle leaving a piece long enough to tie with the new end. Threaded the needle and tied the ends together, hiding them in between the layers of felt. (images 3:6 to 3:9)

Step 5: Edging the Hole

When we had sewn the edge we started to sew the hole. Since we still had a long piece of thread we just jumped over to the hole, leaving the thread in between the layers of felt and continued to sew as before. (images 3:1 and 3:2)

When we had sewn the entire inner edge we fastened the thread by sewing a few stitches in the same place around the last stitch we made. (images 4:3 to 4:5)

Step 6: Finnished!

The last thing we did was to sew the final edge so that the pocket was formed. Fastening, sewing and finishing like we did the other seams.

And now you are done!

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