Hanging Wall Pockets From Upcycled Denim

Introduction: Hanging Wall Pockets From Upcycled Denim

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Have all your haberdashery bits 'n' bobs to hand with this wall-hanging pocket organiser.

Step 1: Denim for Upcycling

I'm a big fan of my local charity shop and asked the staff if they'd put aside some old denim for me for this project, I got 4 pairs jeans & 2 shorts for which I gave them 10.00 GBP. Condition doesn't matter here, we only need the back pockets and maybe some belt loops.

Step 2: 2 X Length of Dowelling Round

I got these 2 lengths from the hardware store for a few pounds. We need these to keep the project hanging straight against the wall.

A large rectangular piece of fabric for the backing -- I use some leftover purple craft felt in this project, but a cotton duck / home furnishing weight fabric would do just as well here.

Spool of thread for the machine sewing and some bias binding for the edging -- or you could just hem the long sides of the backing material and do away with the bias binding.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Pockets

Cut out the back pockets from your stash of jeans and set aside the rest of the jeans -- plenty of fabric left for something else some other time :)

Then cut the back off the pocket itself leaving the flat-felled seam edge of the pocket intact.

Step 4: Salvaged Pockets

You should now be left with a stash of re-usable pockets, and possibly belt loops which would make great tool retainer loops for fabric shears etc. I didn't use the belt loops in my finished piece.

Step 5: Finishing the Long Edges of the Backing Piece

If you wish to bind the long edges of your backing, line up the raw edge of the binding with the raw edge of your backing, right sides together, pin and sew.

Fold the binding over the raw edge to encase it, pin and sew this side also.

Alternatively you could just hem this edge.

Step 6: Channels for Dowelling

We need a channel running across both top and bottom short edges of the backing piece.

This is to hold the dowelling.

Step 7: Pocket Placement

When you've finished the edges of the backing, experiment with placing the pockets until you're happy with their layout. Pin in place.

Step 8: Sewing the Pockets

Machine sew the pockets to the backing piece, sew around the sides and bottom of the pocket only!.

I kept the original yellow stitching of the pocket in place and just stitched a single row between the two existing rows.

That's it!

Suspend your finished piece with string, twine or ribbon.

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