Happy Birthday With Arduino

Introduction: Happy Birthday With Arduino

First of all, thanks to bonniee, for her great instructable Illumaphone: Light-based Musical Instrument with Arduino.

I just improved it to let it be as I want.

This instructable will show you how to play "Happy Birthday" with a little "Light" trick.

Step 1: Hardware

These are the hardware we gonna use:

  1. 6 cups.
  2. box.
  3. LCD.
  4. LEDs.
  5. Wires.
  6. 12 Female - Male wires.
  7. 220 OHM Resistors.
  8. 10K OHM Resistors.
  9. 3 Breadboards.
  10. Arduino.

Step 2: LCD Circuit

First, lets make the LCD circuit as shown in figure.

Check your LCD by run this code LCD test.

* LCD RS pin to digital pin 12

* LCD Enable pin to digital pin 11

* LCD D4 pin to digital pin 5

* LCD D5 pin to digital pin 4

* LCD D6 pin to digital pin 3

* LCD D7 pin to digital pin 2

Step 3: LDR Circuit

Now, test if your LDR works well.

Run that code LDR Test

and open your serial monitor to check that everything is okay.

Step 4: Make Cups

Now drill the bottom of the cup, and hold the LDR in it.

Step 5: Make LEDs Circuit

I want to make the number 19 with my LEDs, you can make any number or shape you want.

You don't have to connect LEDs to Arduino pins, just to 5V and GND.

Step 6: Design

Make your own design, i just find this box at home so that i made it like this :P

Step 7: Download Chuck

ChucK is a strongly-typed, strongly-timed, concurrent audio and multimedia programming language. It is compiled into virtual instructions, which is immediately run in the ChucK Virtual Machine. This guide documents the features of the Language, Compiler, and Virtual Machine for a ChucK programmer.

Download it from here: Chuck

Step 8: Codes

We need two codes, one for Arduino and the other for the Chuck.

First, upload this code to your Arduino and close the serial monitor: Arduino

And download this code for the Chuck: Play Chuck

Step 9: Chuck Code

You must close arduino serial monitor.

when you open the chuck code:

  1. run the virtual machine
  2. cover all cups
  3. press add shred
  4. Enjoy your music

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    Lucas Great
    Lucas Great

    3 years ago

    music doesn't go help me! i download chuck and your code also i coded arduino

    help me!!