Introduction: Happy Birthday on Water Synthesizer With MakeyMakey and Scratch

Instead of Flowers and Singing you can build this installation
as a big surprise for birthdays.


Coloured Paper

Step 1: The Melodie

Define the tones and give each tone a color.

Step 2: Arranging the Tones

Find out how best to place the glasses for the notes so that you can play the melody with one hand. Make a sketch of the positions of the different tones aka colours. And then add the big form like a tree or flowers.

Step 3: The Installation

Place the glasses with the colored water according to your sketch. Then cut large circles from colored paper and place them under the glasses.

Step 4: Connection With MakeyMakey and Your Computer

Step 5: After Some Training You Can: Play!

Find the video in my youtube channel utejuanita!