Happy Holidays Ornament

Introduction: Happy Holidays Ornament

Hello, my name is Jonathan Mrockosky and this is my ornament design. There are a number of things that remind me of the winter holidays that I just couldn't pass up including in my ornament design. Thinking about the upcoming holidays makes me think of snow hence the large center piece of my design. With the holidays comes traditions and I love seeing trees and houses decorated with ornaments and lights of different shapes and colors and that was my inspiration for the overall shape of the ornament. I am also forced to think of all of the cards and signs that I see saying “Happy Holidays” and that’s how I thought to put the message going down the side of my ornament. Lastly, the holiday season has always seemed magical and unique to me and that’s why I wanted this ornament to be unique. Therefore, I made the centerpiece able to spin within the spherical shell.

Note: Fully assembled this ornament is just under 3 x 3 inches in size.

Step 1: (Download My Design Files)

Download each STL file that I have provided.


Load the STL Files in the program of your liking that can prepare you to print. I like to use Cura which is a free, easy to use software. It is important to note that two of the files are to be combined in this step. This will allow you to print the main spherical wire frame in two different colors as seen in my pictures.

Note: You may want to use support for the spherical structure. Otherwise, the print quality may not be to your liking.

Step 3: (PRINT)

Print the files.

Step 4: (ASSEMBLE)

Follow the diagram to assemble your print. You can smooth each piece by carefully sanding it down. You will have to use a touch of superglue to make sure both pins are securely bound to the snowflake.


Now just sit back and enjoy your new winter inspired ornament!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I had a few people contact me asking for images of this assembly in a few different color variations so I thought I'd post it here for everyone to see. If there are any color variations you would like to see before you print it just let me know and I'll post it here.

    Happy Holidays Ornament Full Assembly (Clear and Blue).JPGHappy Holidays Ornament Full Assembly (Clear and Gold).JPGHappy Holidays Ornament Full Assembly (Clear and Red).JPGHappy Holidays Ornament Full Assembly (Red and Gold).JPGHappy Holidays Ornament Full Assembly (Red and Green).JPG