Introduction: Happy Traffic Jesus

We came up with an idea to make people laugh when there's a lot of traffic.

We made an electronic device that shows a thankful Jesus.
When someone lets you pass in traffic you can push a button on your steering wheel to activate a servo motor that shows an illustration of Jesus at the back window of your car.
This way the person driving behind you suddenly sees a Jesus showing up instead of your boring hand when he lets you pass.

After 4 seconds the Jesus automatically goes back to its original position (laying down).
This will make people laugh and it will make traffic a little more fun.

- Cardboard
- Paper
- Scissors
- Paperclip
- Glue
- Arduino Mega
- Breadboard
- Cables
- Servo motor
- Button
- Resistor

First we illustrated a Jesus in Illustrator.
Then we printed it out and glued it on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.
After that we started with the electronic part of the project.
We used an arduino and connected a simple push button (and a resistor) to the input pin.
Then we connected a servo motor to PIN 10 (output).

How to use:
Install the push button somewhere you can access it easily (e.g. on your steering wheel).
Put the arduino kit on a flat surface behind your rear window.
Make sure the jesus can raise properly and is not blocked by anything.
After this you can start having fun in traffic.
When someone lets you pass you simply push the button and the jesus will rise!