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convenienient detachable

Step 1: Making Base Plate

The bottom

select the cube from the shape generator and adjust it to 63*20*1,

, drilling with diameter of 2 and height of 5 The top

Choose the cubes to adjust the top in the shape of the generator is 63 * 20 * 1,

The dome is projected at 20 degrees onto the horizontal plane, 20 by 10 Removable intermediate plate

Select the cube from the shape generator and adjust it to 57*20*1,

The dome is projected to the horizontal plane at 15 degrees and is 12 *8

Step 2: Making Connectors

Select four cylindrical shapes with diameter of 2 and height of

2 in the shape generator, select cubes and adjust them to 8*5*1, and combine them

Step 3: Making Detachable Wheels and Drag Reducer]

In the shape generator select two cylinders with a height of 4

and a diameter of 7 and a height of 20 and a diameter of 3

Choose circular roof horizontal projection for high of 7 and 5 * 8 with a diameter of 2 high of 1.5 cylindrical punch In the shape

generator, select the plan projection of the dome as 20*1.5 and the height as 10 to combine with the above perforated dome

Step 4: Combination

They are a combination

Step 5: Personalized Design

Select the text in the shape generator to edit the text keep

moving 57*12*1 and then render some of the colors

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