Introduction: Harbor Freight Led Flashlight-----of DEATH!!

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Danger Will Robinson, This is a UV mod for my beloved harbor freight flashlight So here comes the disclaimers. UV is dangerous, it'll give you cancer, cataracts, and steal your check book, if you build this, You Will Die!! Although probably your death will not be related to this instructable. But seriously DO NOT shine this into anyone's eyes.

Step 1: Disassemble the Flashlight

take out the "circuit board"

Step 2: Unsolder

the existing leds, save them as supposedly they're 10,000 mcd's.

Step 3: Buy Some Uv Leds

I got mine from Alan Parekh in canada, $.35 each, not bad.

Alan is also an instructables user

Step 4: Solder

The Uv Leds into the circuit board

Step 5: Reassemble the Flashlight

and enjoy the pointlessness of a toy that causes cancer.

PS don't take this to a hotel, it'll spoil your nights sleep ;-)