Introduction: Easy Repair for a Tablet

Some times a tablet will stop working for various software issues. One of the most successful fixes is to hard boot the device by disconnecting the batteries. For this instructable we will be working on a Kindle 8.9.

Step 1: The Tool

First thing we need to do is to open the tablet. The tool that we will use to do this is a soft plastic guitar pick. This protects the edge of the case from scratches.

Step 2: Opening the Case

Place the rounded edge of the pick into the seam of the case on the farthest edge from the connection ports.  Once the pick is in between the two pieces of the case work the pick down the side separating the two pieces.  

Step 3: Opening the Case

Opening the case will look like this.  

Step 4: The Tablet Is Open

Once the front and back pieces have been opened we will need to disconnect the screen from the device.  in this case there are two flat cables that need to be removed.  Do this by unlatching the connector and remove the tape that holds them in place.  

Step 5: Remove the Mid Frame

Remove the screws from the mid frame to allow it to be removed from the device.  This will expose the PCB and the Batteries.  

Step 6: The Hard Boot

Now we have access to the batteries and PCB.  On this device there are two batteries so we need to disconnect both of them.  Make sure not to dent or puncture the batteries they will explode.  

Step 7: The Hard Boot

Disconnect the batteries by unplugging both cables from the device.  Leave the batteries disconnected for 10 - 15 min.  Reassemble the device by following this Instructable in reverse order.  After the device is reassembled if the screen does not work make sure that the cables are seated properly.   The cables not being seated properly is the second most common failure in tablets.   

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