Introduction: Hard Drive Desk Clock

Convert an old harddrive from a decktop PC into a cool looking desk clock.

Step 1:

Locate an old hard drive.

I found one with actual screws securing the case and circuit board.

Purchase a clock mechanism with a 3/4 inch long shaft from a hobby store.

Step 2:

Remove the case and circuit board.

I could not remove all the screws, so I was forced to pry off the cover.

Be carefull not to damage the insides.

Step 3:

The clock required a 1/4 inch hold for mounting.

You need to remove the hard drive platters and spindle.

I used a T6 torx wrench to remove the 3 screws.

Step 4:

Expand the hole to 1/4 inch in the case where the spindle was located.

Step 5:

Use a hammer and small phillips screwdriver to pound out the rod in the spindle's middle.

Use a hammer and a larger screwdriver to pound out the ball bearing sleve.

When both are removed the hold that's left is 1/4 inch.

Step 6:

Replace the hard drive platters and spindle.

Step 7:

Insert clock mechanism thru hold from the back and secure with included nut.

Attach the hands and insert a battery.

Step 8:

To make it more to my liking I replaced the second hand with a red one and used the F3, F9, and F12 keys from an old laptop keyboard.

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