Hard Drive Disassembly, Samsung Drive




Introduction: Hard Drive Disassembly, Samsung Drive

This is an instructable on how to take apart a samsung hard drive and others that are not recessed like WD and seagate

Warning: This will ruin the hard drive if it still works do not open the hard drive

Step 1: What You Need

ok here's what you need to crack open and take the hard drive apart

1. The Hard drive
2. a #2 phillips screw driver
3. a small Allen wrench
4. a small flat tipped screw driver
4. a container to store the screws in

Step 2: Step One: Removeing the Shell

Ok now look at the side with the sticker on it there should be six along the outer edge and one hidden under the sticker feal around the label or just remove the sticker entirely.

If you don't remove the sticker all you have to do is push through the label where the screw is as it tends to be in the same spot as the actuator arm

Step 3: Step 2: Pry

take your flat tipped screw driver and insert it at ether of these two spots marked on the picture there are a few more spots around the hard drive pry at them if need be as there is a little bit of adhesive on the inside of the top

Step 4: Step 3: Remove the Magnet Assimbly

There are two screws on both sides of the magnets unscrew them and then it swings to the left and then lift it up and out

Step 5: Step 4: Remove the Top Platter

Ok so taking this platter out first makes things a little easier for the next step there are four screws holding the washer down make sure when you remove the screws to hold it down a little or it will rotate on you making things a little fun and harder at the same time

Step 6: Step 5: Pulling the Actuator and PC Board

there are a few screws to take off in this step the first ones are on the back there are five on the back and three on the front

also you have to disconnect the ribbon cable that connects the PC board to the motor there are a couple of different colored ends on it they pull away from the board a little allowing you to remove the ribbon cable

to remove the arm and its circuitry unscrew the allen head screw from the middle of the arm and the two from the ribbon connector

Step 7: Step Six: Remove the Seperators

take the three screw out of the plate and lift the washer off the top of the last platter then you can take the platter off

Step 8: Step Seven Removeing the Motor

This is the last step unscrew the three screws from the motor assembly and pull it up and out of the hole.

Step 9: Closeing Notes

In all its really easy to take it apart the screws may fight a little as there is a bit of a seal in the holes but other than that its very straight forward, also where i took the first platter off you could take the actuator off first then the platters ether way its your choice

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5 years ago

How can I remove spindle from the motor?


9 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the hidden screw.
The inside of a hard-drive is really interesting :-)


11 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for picture #2 that showed where the hidden screw was.
FYI: the newer samsung drives are using a weird multi-point star screw instead of a #2 Phillips.


13 years ago on Introduction

Recycle the aluminum case after removing any and all ferrous components. Sometimes there are pins, which are easy enough to wiggle out of the case. Collect them in a recycling bin which, when full, is worth decent money. The circuit boards are also worth recycling for metals. The disk platters are good for sun catchers, where their flatness of surface and of surface figure make for a nice coherent reflection. Handle carefully to maintain these properties. The head assembly has useful bearings. The magnet, of course. Separate the NIB part from the steel keeper by bending the steel slowly in a vice. Or use with keeper in place. Put a thin layer of epoxy or urethane glue on the working surface of the magnet to keep it from marring the refrigerator. Nickel plating leaves a black streak on white fridge door.

The Ideanator
The Ideanator

13 years ago on Introduction

I screwed a magnet down to my bench to hold my cheapo 3rd hand tool, it works wonderfully!


Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

hadn't thought of that one


13 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for this detailed and clear how-to. And after disassemblig? Have you any idea about re-using the parts for an inscructable? The magnets are usually very very strong. They should be worth of some useful application.