Introduction: Arduino Analog Hard Drive POV Clock

This work is based off the work of two other individuals that did an excellent job of paving the way for my project. 


His work was based off Ian Smiths version of the same type of clock.

Using vishnubob’s instructable I began creating a Hard Drive POV clock.  Once I had the basic design completed I ran into a few things that I wanted to change.  The first was that the platter rotated at 7500RPM & with a slit cut into the aluminum platter it made a good deal of noise.  The second thing was a python script running on the PC provided the time to the arduino, I wanted something that is standalone.

What I did to solve the speed problem I used a 3-Phase ESC connected to an arduino, the program maps the potentiometer value to a value between 0 & 180.  Using the servo library I can then send that value to the ESC to control the hard drive rotation speed.  This helped a good deal with the noise & made it easier to have on next to me.

I used a chronodot real-time clock to store the time & date, the unit also has the ability to report temperature. To set the time I use another arduino with a touchshield & xbee Bluetooth module.  There is a corresponding xbee inside the clock so you are able to update the time wirelessly.  Recently I added background color updating to predefined colors cyan yellow & magenta.  The reason for defining the colors is for simplicity & the fact that RGB are already used for the hands of the clock. On the remote there is also an option to switch to a temperature display. This polls the chronodot for the tempature then displays it in 25 degree increments.  So for 80 degrees Fahrenheit there would be three full pie slices & a small portion of a fourth to represent 80.