Introduction: Hard Tonneau Cover

I recently bough a Pick up truck, so I was looking for a Hard Tonneau Cover for my car, but they all seem pretty expensive, as I like to do some woodwork I decided to make my own. Here how I did it in about 5 hours.

Step 1: Materials

2 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood. This could be different depending your bed size (Marine grade, will be better)

6 pieces of 1x2¨


Table saw


5 meters of vinyl fabric (Price and quality up to you)

1 piano hinge


Spray glue

Contact glue

Black paint

Step 2: Frame

Prepare two frames with the 1x2 wood, one will be fixed to the trunk and the second will be the lifting part. Both frames should fit in the bed borders with about 1cm of space to the duraliner.

These frames will be responsable of holding the cover to the car, they will also give estructural strength to the cover, so people could even walk on it.

Step 3: Cutting the Plywood

Cut two pieces of plywood one for each frame, remember that these pieces will be the cover, so they must overlap the bed sides, cut them following your car shape. There shoudl be no overlap where both frames join, cause there is where the hinge goes.

Step 4: Paint the Frame and the Plywood

I did not paint the plywood but it could be very useful to avoid moisture and make it last longer.

Step 5: Wrap the Plywood

Using lots of glue, wrap the plywood pieces with the vinyl fabric. Use the stapler to secure and tie up the vinyl in the back side.

Step 6: Fit It, Add a Rubber Seal Around and Enjoy

I use a rubber seal to avoid rain in the trunk, also I added a flood light.