Introduction: Hard Wood Canoe Paddle

Create a great looking wooden canoe paddle

Step 1: Select Your Wood

choose different types of wood that will create contrast in your finished piece.

Step 2: Joint the Wood Together in Your Desierd Pattern

There are three different ways to joint the wood together. First way is just a glue joint, rub wood glue in to the sides that need to be jointed and clap them all together, give 24 hours to dry. Second is combination of the glue joint and a biscuit joint this is slightly more complex but it will give you a stronger hold. Third is a dowel and glue joint this is the strongest way but it takes much more time and work. I would suggest using the the plain glue joint if you are not planning on using it every day. your total length should be around 50-60 inches, the paddle width depended on the shape that you choose to create I recommend doing some research to find your desired shape of paddle.

Step 3: Begin to Shape Your Paddle

Start by getting a 2d pattern and laying it upon your paddle, Use the band saw to shape it to your pattern. Once it is shaped to the desired 2d shape you need to start thinning it out with a hand plane. Make sure that is is thicker in the middle and slowly tapers down to the thinner edges. Now round out the shaft of the paddle do this with a hand plane and heavy grit sand paper. Repeat this same processes with the knock (the handle). Once it is shaped start to sand it with a fine grit sand paper to get it completely smooth and read to apply finish.

Step 4: ​Apply the Finish

Place the paddle on a couple pins or nails sticking upward when applying the finish. Do once side and then flip ad do the other before it dries. Then let sit for 24 hours repeat this processes about 5 times with any water proof oil based finishing product

Step 5: Use It!!!!

Go outside on your favorite lake are river and go for a paddle

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