Introduction: Hard Case for Your Hipster PDA!

About: Software architect working for Nokia.

I have been a fan of GTD, and when I discovered the Hipster PDA (from 43folders), I found it to be a great solution for keeping my GTD information, the problem I had was that when you just had a clip for the papers, I couldn't keep them in my pocket without destroying the paper. So I did the Hard case for my Hipster PDA!

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:

1. A Cassette Tape Case (This one was problematic to find in our CD orientated world)
2. A Dremel Tool
3. Protective eye wear

Step 2: Grind Away!

Remove the little nubs that keep the cassette in place with your Dremel Tool (wear eye protection), be careful so you don't hurt the rest of the cassette tape case. I noticed it's quite easy to melt the plastic so be careful.

I used a rough grinding tool on my Dremel to slowly grind away the plastic, and then by hand remove the residue.

Step 3: Done!


You are done, just fill the hard case with your notes, you are now the proud owner of a hard case for your Hipster PDA.

A added bonus is that you have a overview page on the front of the case (if you have a see through plastic cassette case).