Introduction: Hardback E-Reader Case

How to Turn an Old Hardback Book into a Case for Your E-Reader

What you'll need:
A hardback book that is just a bit bigger than your e-reader, but about the same thickness
Enough fabric to cover your e-reader
About 20" of 1/4 braided elastic
Paperboard, like from a cereal box
Spray adhesive
Hot glue gun
Utility Knife

Step 1: Rmoved the Pages From the Book

Using your utility knife, cut the paper in the crease of the binding in the front and the back of the book. Gently pull the pages from the binding. They'll come out in one junk, but you may need to cut through the glue in a few spots.

Step 2: Cut & Cover the Paperboard

Cut 2 pieces of paperboard to fit the insidefront and back covers of the book. Then cut a strip of paperboard about 1/4 inch thinner than the spine of the book.

I'm not huge on measuring so I just laid out my ironed fabric with the paper board pieces on top. Lay one of the big pieces and the spine piece about a 1/8 inch apart. Treat this like on piece from here on out. Place the other one a few inches away. Coat the paperboard, and the fabric an inch or so around it, with spray glue. Remove the cards, spray the fabric beneath them and replace the cards, glue side down. Give the glue a few minutes to dry a bit, then cut the fabric, leaving about an inch around all the edges of the paperboard.

Trim the corners and fold the excess fabric over the edges of the paperboard except the outside edge of the spine piece. You'll want to leave the extra fabric on that edge to make a smooth seam on the finish product (Wait it out - you'll see!).

Step 3: Attach the Front Inside Cover

Lay the cover of the book out flat, inside up. Coat the back of the front inside cover piece - the one that includes the spine piece - with spray glue and adhere to the book cover. Make sure the spine piece lines up with the spine of the book. Remember that extra inch of fabric we didn't wrap around the back of the paperboard? Lay that flat against the back cover of the book (see photos).

Step 4: Add Elastic Supports

Cut the elastic into 4 inch pieces. On the back of the remaining fabric covered pieces of paperboard, measure and mark an inch from each corner. Wrap a piece of elastic around each corner. Hot glue the ends of the elastic to the back of the paperboard card at the marks. Try to keep a bit of tension on the elastic when you glue it to the paperboard - you want your Nook to be secure!

Step 5: Attach the Back Cover

Use hot glue or spray adhesive to attach the paperboard with the elastic to the back cover of the book.

Strap in your e-reader and you're good to go!