Introduction: Hardware Bracelet

Here is the latest in my collection of hardware jewelry adventure. This woven nut bracelet was a fun crafting experience and easy for anyone to make!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to make my hardware bracelet




Step 2: Cut Out Twine

I started by cutting out the twine for my bracelet

I cut 6 strands of twine.

2 Strands were about 1'

4 Strands were about 2' and I would recommend making them longer because I had to use a lot of the twine on either side to create the knots.

One one side I tied a knot with a loop to help as the fastener at the end of the bracelet making process.

Step 3: Start Knotting the Bracelet

With this bracelet I used a square knot to make the design on the bracelet.

The following steps are needed to create a square knot.

Knot 1

1. Fold the left side strand over the middle strand and under the right side strand

2. Fold the right side strand under the middle strand and over the left hand strand

3. Pull tight

Knot 2

1. Fold the left strand under the middle strand and over the right hand strand

2. Fold the right hand strand over the middle strand and under the right hand strand

3. Pull tight

repeat knot 1 and 2 peroidically

(I also added some pictures of the knot being done with different color string to give a better understanding of how the knot works)

Step 4: Add Hardware

After knotting down a little bit I started adding the nuts.

First I strung the nut on the center strand of twine

Then I made two knots underneath the nut.

Repeat step until all the hardware desired is knotted onto the bracelet.

Step 5: Finish Off Bracelet.

After getting all the hardware on, finish the bracelet by making enough knots at the end to balance out the bracelet.

After the knotting was complete I knotted the other end and trimmed the excess twine from the bracelet.

Step 6: Finished

With some final tweaks I was finished with the bracelet. I was overall happy with the turn out. If I had to do it over I would make sure to make it a little longer. I did make mine a little short and had to add some extra twine to make it fit in the end. Next time I will measure before I finish off my bracelet.