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My little diy workshop is always a mess!

I often take lot of used hardware from reclaimed wood, old fencing, pallets, and I never know where to put all this stuff.

I'm also an avid yogurt eater and I often have these glass lids in my garbage bin; the same for my wife, who eats nutella!

I came eventually up with this idea to use these pots for organising my hardware!

This instructable is very simple but will help you and the environment.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


- a measuring tape

- a pencil or a pen

- a drill or a screwdriver

- a mitre saw or a jigsaw

-a spirit level

- a hammer

Please bare in mind that, even if this Instructable is easy, it can always be dangerous working with power tools. Always use protection goggles and glowes while working.


- nutella pots, yogurt pots... everything you can find that can contain stuff!

- washers

- wood screws or nails

- a pallet board or a reclaimed wood board

Step 2: Get Your Wood!

Find a pallet in your area and simply remove few boards from it.

You can use a simple mallet, but I personnaly chose to buy a pallet buster which is really fast and easy...especially if you have, like me, back problems!

Step 3: Time to Cut

Measure the lenght of the organiser you want to create: I personally chose to fix it in the pvc window of my timber house workshop, then I measured its lenght with the measuring tape.

Use the mitre saw or the jigsaw to cut it to the lenght you want.

Fix your board with two clamps, wear your gloves and your goggles and take your saw.

Step 4: Measure, Measure Again

With the measuring tape get the half of your board width.

Take a ruler and draw a straight line to "cut" in half your board. This will give you a sort of guide to then center your pots!

If you want, you can also mark the center of each pot lid so as to space them equally: to do this, all pots must be of the same size.

Step 5: Start Fixing

Take your yogurt pot lid, and place it where the mark on your board is.

Now you can nail it to your board or you can place a washer and screw a wooden screw with your driller, your choice!

Step 6: Fix, Fix and Fix!

Go on fixing all the pot lids at the same distance, if they are of the same size.

If you have different sizes, you can easily check screwing the pot and fixing the new lid on a reasonable distance. Just feel the pot screwing/unscrewing process confortable for you (aka: enough room for your fingers!).

Step 7: Time to Fix It to the Wall

I used my screwdriver to fix the board to my window frames, on the left and on the right.

Before screwing on the second size, I checked with the spirit level that it was good.

Step 8: Finish!

Take your hardware, put it into your pots and screw them to your lids. Here we go! now your workshop table is not a mess anymore!

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