Hardware Store Sourced Car IPad/ Tablet Mount for Driver




Introduction: Hardware Store Sourced Car IPad/ Tablet Mount for Driver

I hacked together an automotive iPad mount for build using materials found at my local hardware store. I build this back in the summer of 2010 and it has been nothing short of awesome. I use the iPad as a source for my vehicle's music and navigation needs. (MotionX and Pandora are my in car go to apps)

Parts list
-2x 1/2" floor flange
-1x 1-Gang non metallic outlet box
-2x 90-deg 1/2" angle connectors
-1x  45-deg 1/2" angle connector
-Various pieces of black pipe to fit it all together to your liking
-1x piece of plywood or mdf cut to fit under your floor mat. I chose mdf as it seemed a little heavier. 
-Various screws and nuts to connect the ends of the contraption
-1x can of plastic dip to coat your outlet box after you have cut out an opening and removed extraneous plastic (see photo #3)
-Finally, you will need to stop by your local pharmacy or grocery store to pick up elastic hairbands you will only need 2x to keep your tablet held down (buy replacements because they wear out/ start to look ugly after a while) 

By using the connection setup shown above, the mount can swing over towards the passenger (navigator?) and back to the driver with ease.

Not shown in the images is a custom made black leather cover that goes over the pipe.

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