Harley Quinn Cosplay Tutu

Introduction: Harley Quinn Cosplay Tutu

About: Cosplayer and prop maker ?

How to make a Harley Quinn tutu!
What you need

1. 2 Black tulle 25 yards long
2. 2 Red tulle 25 yards long
3. Red or black ribbon
4. Sewing kit
5. Under lay tutu must be short tho.

How to make

1. Get your ribbon and measure it around your waist, the draw a lines on where to cut.
2. After cutting and measurements, time to sew your ribbon together.
3. Now it's time to get your black tulle, cut about 12 inches for the front of the tutu, cut about 17 pieces for the front.
4. Do the same with the red tulle.
5. After that time to add them on to the tutu, go red first, tie it around the ribbon, then do it with the black and repeat until the front is busty and perfect.
6. Now time for the back, cut your tulle to about 19 inches. For the black and red cut about 20 pieces each.
7. Now add them to the ribbon, do the same as what you did for the front.
8. After you have the tutu perfect or need to add more. Time to sew the tulle on to the ribbon.
9. Put the tutu on, then put the under lay tutu on. Make sure to wear shorts lol.

Now you have a Harley tutu.

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