Introduction: Harley Quinn's Bat (Suicide Squad) - How to DIY

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Harley Quinn is The Joker's funny, bubbly, ass kicking girlfriend in Suicide Squad.

Her weapons of choice are a baseball bat and a mallet with her unique touch.

With my guide through video I will show you how to make Harley Quinn's baseball bat from Suicide Squad on a budget.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Watch my video guiding you through the process to making Harley's bat!

It's short, easy to understand, and could help greatly!

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Step 2: What You'll Need

Getting started means you'll need this short list of materials.


Wooden baseball bat

OPTIONAL: Plastic bat

White athletic tape

Acrylic paint: light mocha, browns, red, black

Paint pen: red, white, navy blue, black (fine point)

White out

This is a very short, and cheap list. Very easy to obtain.

Step 3: Recoloring the Bat

No matter the bat you get, it won't be the right color that we want.

You're going to have to recolor the baseball bat using a light mocha acrylic paint that will be dabbed and brushed along the entire bat to get a lighter color. You can tell the difference between the painted, and unpainted bat.

There are more techniques shown in the video! Watch it!

Step 4: Handle Wrappings

Harley's bat has a wrapped handle, that will be made using white athletic tape, that will be wrapped around the bottom handle.

Wrap two layers or three layers for a better grip.

RECOMMENDED: Dirty up your hands, and tightly wrap your hands around the handle, and give it a dirty and grimy look.

Step 5: Stencils

I made up stencils for the main text on the bat saying GOOD NIGHT.

Link for GOOD NIGHT Stencils

Cut out, and trace the outline in pencil first!

Step 6: Decoration!

Once GOOD NIGHT is drawn, color the letters in red, and outline them in fine point black.

The decoration on the lower section should be drawn first, then color in the red, white, and blue details.

Always outline with a fine point black paint pen.

Step 7: Writing Surrounding the Bat

Harley Quinn's bat is surrounded with writing, and quotes based around the Harley Quinn character.

These are written all in black, and red paint pens, with some words lightly smeared.

Link for List of Quotes!

Step 8: We're Bad Guys, It's What We Do!

This is easily the simplest and least expensive project I've done. Taking less than 3 hours, and costing less than $10 this is a great looking prop for display, or cosplay.

This prop like my others is much easier to follow with the guide through video. This is a very visual process and explanation through text will not do justice.

I'm happy with the result, and If you decide to make your own Harley Quinn bat and have any questions leave a comment on YouTube or on Instructables. I'll be happy to answer!

And if you decide to make your own, post some photos here or send some photos to: and I'll feature it in my next DIY video!

Have fun making your own Harley Quinn baseball bat!

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