Introduction: Haro Mascot Timer

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

Haro Mascot Alarm Clock:

What you will need:

Arduino Uno

LCD Screen
IR Sensor
IR Remote
2 x Servo Motors
Hook up Pins
3D Printer
And a laptop/computer for coding


MP3 Shield for more realistic Alarm Clock

Step 1: Load Up SolidWork/Inventor

Here you will want to make any adjustments to the design. No need to do anything but convert the files to STL for 3D printing. Make sure that the containers for the servo inside Haro match the ones you have.

Step 2: Download the Code

Here is your chance to personalize your alarm clock. You can go ahead and change the menu and what Haro does!

The way that Haro moves his ears are through the values given through the val and val2 variables. This values determine how much voltage to send the servos and therefor its position. You can also make Haro flap its ears forever every certain number of secods, minutes, or hours, using the command timer.setInterval("timeYouLike", HaroActivate) or a set number of times with the command timer.setTimer("timesYouLike", HaroActivate, "#ofTimesYouWantItGoing").

Step 3: Set Up Breadboard and Arduino

Make sure that if you make any changes to the pins on the code, you put them accordingly in the Arduino. You will need an external power source in order to run everything at full capacity, but if you dont mind having the LCD screen slightly dimmer, than you will not need any external power sources and you can run the the whole thing with a 9V or your computer.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Very Own Haro!

Youre one step closer to becoming like Amuro Ray, "creator" of the original Haro and definitely becoming AWESOME.

Step 5: Additional: Melody Tone Code for Buzzer/inductor

Here is the code if you have a buzzer that you would like to use with Haro. Make sure to include and download the pitches.h file and have it on the same sketch folder as the Melody.ino file.