Introduction: Harry Potter Cross-stitch Pillows

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Patterns I used for the cross stitching, I purchased them as separate PDF files on Esty, the shop was called Happy Puzzles. The 4 crests in total took me approximately 6 months to produce.


  • PDF files of the Crest Patterns
  • White AIDA 14 count cross-stitching fabric ( needs to be large enough to fit at least 1 house crest on it, Again I choose white but you can decide on black or cream if you so desired)
  • Embroidery Thread ( the colours required are available on the PDF files )
  • Hand Needles
  • Embroidery Hoop ( preferably medium sized )
  • Optional Needle minder ( this will help track of the needles, mines purchased from Gecko Rouge )


  • Backing Fabric : Crushed velvet in Royal Blue & Bottle Green (0.50cm should be plenty)
  • Cotton or Polyester Fill ( you could use a pillow but I preferred this)
  • Sewing Machine (Optional)
  • Curved hand sewing needles
  • Fabric scissors
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Thread (in the colour matching the velvet preferably)

Step 1: The Cross-stitch Step

To start a cross stitch pattern ensure the embroidery hoop is securely placed with plenty of room around so you do not run out of space. (Trust me cross stitching is long enough with having to backtrack)

Once the First Crest is completed the first tricky part is when beginning the second crest is to ensure they are lined up correctly with the first one so my advise is to count along from the bottom point of the first crest & mark It with a pin or pencil (that can be rubbed off).

I decided to do 2 crests next to each other Slytherin & Gryffindor, Ravenclaw & Hufflepuff. Never mind how messy your backside will will be covered later.

Step 2: Cutting Down to Chosen Size

Once the cross-stitching is completed measure & cut down to your preferred size ensuring you leave 1cm or 2cm minimum away from the actual pattern, you do not want to sew over that ! (also give it a quick press to take out the embroidery hoop dent)

Use a ruler to make sure it is squared off, because of the fabric this will be simple to cut.

Then Pin the cross-stitch piece face down(wrong side facing up) to the coordinating fabric & cut out the same size of fabric to fit. Ensure (Right sides are facing together).

I used crushed velvet because I wanted a nice soft side in comparison of the other side with the pattern on it.

keep the pins in ! & Now with the sewing machine (you can hand sew them together but I found this quicker and stronger) sew along 1cm seam around the rectangle with making sure you leave a gap big enough to fit your hand in easily.

Trim the seams down slightly & cut off the corners(this will help give a better finish when turned out)

Stick your hand in to the furthest corner and pull out, use a semi sharp tool like a pencil to poke the corners out.

Once happy take the filling of your choice and stuff it ensuring you get in to the corners.

Step 3: Handsewing & Final Step

The last step is to close off that remaining gap that you used to fill the pillow with

Take thread in the corresponding colour of the velvet & I felt that a curved hand sewing needle worked best for me to sew that gap up.

Give the pillow a few pats and fluff it up slightly to give the shape you want & to ensure the fill is evenly spread out.

Again I decided on doing 2 crest pillows but you can do small 1 crest ones or even decide on 1 big pillow with the 4 crests on it & choose any fabric you want for the back I just so happen to like the feel of crushed velvet.