Introduction: Harry Potter: Gaunt Ring Horcrux

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The Gaunt ring was the first Horcrux to be made by Voldemort. Dumbledore used the Gryffindor sword to destroy it as a Horcrux, although the curse upon it still remained.

Step 1: Materials:

  1. Moldable white air-dry clay - I used the Crayola Model Magic brand.
  2. Acrylic Paint - Black, Metallic Glorious Gold, Dark Gray
  3. Paper & Pencil
  4. Elmer's glue
  5. Hot glue
  6. Small square of wax paper
  7. X-acto knife

Step 2: Procedure: Prepare Your Template

  • On the paper, draw a rough template of the ring and the stone. You can find scores of images on google; just look for gaunt ring.
  • Cut out the outlines.
  • For the stone, I drew four individual triangles and glued them together with Elmer's glue to form the dome shape.

Step 3: Prepare Your Clay.

  • Take a small section of clay and roll between palms to get a nice, smooth ball.
  • Lay the ball on a flat surface and flatten it out (use the pencil to roll out the flat clay to get an even surface, make sure there is a thickness of at least 0.5 inch to give structure to your shape).
  • Place your ring template on the mold and cut out it's shape using the knife (be careful with this step).

Step 4: Detailing the Ring.

Using a toothpick, gently draw the fine details on the ring and let the clay ring dry overnight.

This is the link I used for the details:

Step 5: Preparing the Stone.

  • Mold and flatten another piece of clay (make sure you flatten the clay on wax paper, makes it easier to peel off).
  • Add your stone outline over the clay and gently trace out the design using the smooth end of a pen or nail tool, to form the indent into the clay.
  • Gently peel off the clay and cut off the excess portions around your square. Let dry overnight.

Step 6: Painting and Adding Final Touches.

  • Paint the ring with the metallic gold and the stone square black and let dry for 30 mins.
  • Use the dark gray paint to draw 2 thin lines as borders on the stone's edges. Add the deathly hallows to the center of the stone and let it dry.
    • Here is the template I followed:

Step 7: Joining the Stone to the Ring.

  • Add 2 dots of hot glue to the 2 horn like protrusions on the top of the ring and stick the square on top.
  • Make sure it is attached securely.
  • You can add more hot glue and paint it gold after it dries.

Voila. Your ring is ready :) To make one that fits your finger, use some jewelry wire to form a circle around your finger. Use this wire as a base when drawing your template in the first step.