Introduction: Harry Potter Mandrake Plant Prop

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Halloween is a time for spooky fun and lots and lots of crafty chances to decorate!!!!! We are big fans of Harry Potter in our house so there is no better time to make Potter style props for our Halloween decorations then now!!!!


I hit up my favorite crafting supply location, - The Dollar Store for my supplies.

A tiny little doll (to pull apart and make creepy.... Muahahahaha!!), a plastic flower pot, Spanish Moss, brown paper bags, Modge Podge (you can use any old glue though), twine covered wire, fake leaves and extra glue sticks for my handy glue gun!! I also used paper towel cardboard rolls that I had tucked away (because when your crafty, there is always a use for the cardboard rolls)!

Step 1: Setting It All Up.

So we have the supplies now it is time to take apart that little doll!!

Step 2: So Creepy!!!!

The hair was taken out and with the clothes already in the trash, I had my handy glue gun all ready to make this once cute dolly into a ugly little creepy thing!! Going by a image I had of other Mandrake props that I found online, I layered the glue around the head, extra for the eyebrow ridge, nose and mouth. I kept adding more to get the profile I was hoping for.

Step 3: Adding the Based and Checking the Size

Once the face was all glued up to my satisfaction, I shoved her little body into said paper towel roll and added more glue. I used other rolls to the inside of the flower pot to make sure it would be steady.

Step 4: Paper Mâché Time

I had the brown paper bags on hand and ripped them up to cover everything "Paper Mache" style using my Modge Podge glue. Regular glue would work the same. I covered the face and partway down the body. The bottom half will be covered.

Step 5: All Dried and Ready for the Next Step

I let it dry over night and checked to make sure the face was creepy enough. Yep!! The works!!! LOL!!

Step 6: Adding Branches

I added the branches using extra brown paper, just rolling it up to the thickness I like. More glue and for an added root look to the "arms" I used this twine wrapped wire that I had on hand. (Also in my craft arsenal which of course also came from the Dollar store).

Once the branches were in place I added layers of brown paint, then darkened it, then lightened it at the ridges. I keep going back and forth with the paints trying to get it to my liking.

Step 7: Leaves and a Label

I picked some leaves off of a fake plant we had in the house and uploaded the image of the Mandrake Label from the internet. I printed it up on my brown paper and glued it on the front to finish him off.

Step 8: And Our New Mandrake Prop Is All Done

Our new Mandrake prop is all done and looking quite at home among the other potion bottles and props on our Halloween Apothecary Table. I even found a old pair of ear muffs to put near by (just in case).

This was a fun project to make and my little Potterheads love our new Mandrake Plant!!!!

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