Introduction: Harry Potter Spellbook

I've always wanted a spellbook, especially when I duel with my brother. If you're like Hermione, you could also use it as reference for when you're writing essays for class. It's a little complicated, but it is definitely worth the hard work.

Step 1: Design and Print Pages

The first step is to design and print the pages. Start by making a list of all the spells and their effects and typing them into a document. Next, I made it look nice by fixing the spacing and using a different font. The last part of designing the pages was to rearrange the pages so that they are ordered correctly in the final book. In the final book the pages are folded in half in groups of four, called signatures. There are 2 sides of the paper and each side has 2 pages, which makes a total of 16 pages per signature. Therefore, the first side of the first sheet of paper should have page 16 on the right and page 1 on the left. The back of that sheet should have 2 on the right and 15 on the left. Continue in that pattern: 14, 3 and 4, 13; 12, 5 and 6, 11, etc. The next signature will have the same pattern but with bigger numbers: 32, 17 and 18, 31; 30, 19 and 20, 29. Check out mine to see how I did or you can print it if you don't want to make your own.

Then, print the pages, making sure to print on both sides horizontally.

Step 2: Folding Pages

Fold groups of 4 pages in half, hamburger style. Make sure that the pages are in order. If not rearrange the pages and reprint. When folding, keep the pages evenly folded and with a sharp crease. I used a bone folder for this step, but you can just use your nails.

Step 3: Making Holes for Sewing

Using a pencil, mark evenly spaced holes along the spines of the stacked signatures. Then use a needle to pierce holes all the way through the signature at each marking. Make sure it is exact to avoid a lumpy spine

Step 4: Start Sewing

The next step is to start sewing. Start by tying a knot and threading it through the top hole of the last signature. Then continue down the spine with a running stitch, in and out through all 4 holes before sewing all the way back up to the top. Knot the thread on the inside then pull it to the outside.

Step 5: Sew on the Other Signatures

Stack the next signature on top of the one you just sewed, making sure it is facing the right direction. Sew through the top hole and continue going in and out all the way down to the bottom. Knot it on the inside, pull it to the outside and tie it to the signature below. Then pull the thread back inside and continue sewing to the top. Knot the thread on the inside top and pull to the outside. If you only have two signatures(like me), cut the thread and continue onto the next step. If not, keep adding signatures until you have sewn them all together, then cut and continue on.

Step 6: Glue the Spine

Use 2 binder clips, one on the top and one on the bottom, to hold the book together. Then use PVA glue(I used tacky glue) to spread a layer on the spine and leave it to dry. Repeat another 2 times.

Step 7: Fold the Cover

I picked out a dark red cardstock for the cover. To fold the cover, measure the width of the spine of your signatures and divide it by 2. Find the center of the cover paper and measure out the half width from before. Mark that and fold over. Then measure and fold on the other side. Slip the pages inside to check if it fits.

Step 8: Drawing the Cover

For the cover, I hand drew the title and filled it in with a gold gel pen, but you can print the cover if you would like. I started by drawing the words and all the swirls and stars in a sketchbook. Then I used my light box(a box that lights up so that the image below is projected onto the top layer) to trace it onto the cover. After that I filled it in with my pen. It was a little hard to trace the words through this paper because it was so dark, but I made it work.

Step 9: Glue and Trim

Spread another layer of glue on the spine of the signatures and attach to the cover. Let it dry. Use an x-acto knife to trim the edges so they are even.

Step 10: You're Done

That's it! Enjoy your new spellbook! It's perfect for practicing your spells or just as reference.

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