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In this instructable I'll guide you through my journey while making the Harry Potter wand from The Deathly Hallows. I'll do my best to give step-by-step instructions to you as the reader. I have entered this instructable in the wizardry contest and would love for you to vote for this instructable and enjoy!

Step 1: Wood Wood Wood

First step in making Harry's wand is to get a 1/4" dowel from Walmart or a local craft store and cut it down to about 10 1/2". Once cut copy the marks I have made in the pictures (the pencil in the 3rd picture points to the middle of the dowel). The handle should be about 4" long. The next section should only be up about 1/4" past the mid point. When your marks are made move to the next step.

NOTICE: The second section ends with a slant!!

Step 2: Initial Shaping

To separate the front two sections you should use a file to separate and then I used a knife to narrow the shaft down and then went back to a file and sandpaper to smooth the shape out. After the front two sections are separated and shaped to desire you can move on:).

Step 3: Making the Handle

To craft the handle I couldn't find a stick the right shape and I had no clay on hand so instead I used hot glue. Start with the middle of the handle and make the two knots in the middle. Next move on to the back end and make dots of glue to make the natural shape of a branch. Do the same for the front end.

In the last two pictures, the glue looks different only because of the different lighting in the rooms.

Step 4: Wood Stain

Staining the wood section of the wand is my favorite part and I don't know why. I think I just love seeing the wood change from a boring white to a beautiful shade of brown. Anyway use a stain pad or old cloth to apply wood stain (I use red mahogany) to the wood section only of the wand.

The wood stain dry over a couple hours before moving on!

Step 5: Painting the Handle

In this final step you will grab some black paint (I use Crayola) and paint on generously with a 1" paintbrush. After this is accomplished let dry and your done!

Step 6: Enjoy and Vote for Me!!

Please enjoy your new Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows wand!! You can display it, use it in a fan film, or even gift these. I will soon be making an instructable over how to build the wand box too so check that out later. Thanks!!!!!:))))

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