Introduction: Harry Potter Wizard Wands

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What inspired me?

Well, I love this website and I enjoy the contests. A week or two ago I was looking through the contests as I noticed they had been updated. I noticed a Wizarding contest and instantly began coming up with a few ideas. I immediately focused on hidden illusions such as hidden components to projects.

Anyway, I automatically thought of A book. After a few minutes of looking I noticed the everyone was submitting wands. I decided to make a book wand stand but will a twist. This was very straight forward and simple so I instantly came up with a simple structure and began to make it.

This project is a little add on from the Harry Potter Book idea. So someone of the photos will have the book on it.

What will you need?


-Hot glue

- Hot glue gun

-White spray paint

Step 1: Finding the Right Stick

Step one - finding the right stick

Find the right stick? Are you idiotic. I can only imagine you are thinking this as you read this step but really its important.

The perfect stick is tall, thin and as straight as possible. But remember the design needs to reflect the shape of the stick. Remember to remove all other branching sticks.

Step 2: Using the Hot Glue

Step two - Using the hot glue

Using the hot glue can actually be quite dangerous. Be careful at all times and remember to place the gun such that if it were to drip, it wouldn't ruin the top or work surface.

Step 3: Making the Handle

Step three - making the handle

Begin by making a thin loop about 10mm from the bottom of the stick. Thicken this when the glue dries until about 5-10mm thick. Repeat this about 60-80mm from this point. This is where your hand will sit. Make sure you can easily hold it. If not you can easily re heat the glue and take it off.

Step 4: The Patterns

Step four - the patterns

The pattern is really defined as you can do what ever you want. If you want, go onto google and find some worked examples and designs.

I personally stuck with the fat tip end and a swirling format ascending up the wands body.

Step 5: Painting

Step five - Painting

Use what ever you want to paint, you can use spray or liquid paint. I used white spray paint as it looked cool and it was honestly the only spray paint I had. I also made other wands with black and brown acrylic paint. Make sure you cover the entire surface.

Step 6: Finished


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Please follow and favourite for more weekly projects.

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