Introduction: Harvest Wreath Made of Wheat Florets

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I saw a wreath for the first time in USA on someone's door, I loved it, however at the same time I saw a US flag hanging in the porch. I thought probably it is some sort of national day or event like 4th of July. Anyway later an American friend of mine told me the purpose of both the wreath & flag. And the funny thing is I pronounced wreath as 'Wrath' LOL

So that was my story of wreath enlightenment :D.

A few days before while driving to the countryside, I saw huge fields of wheat, shining in sun with their golden & green florets, oh!! dear, the view was so beautiful that I stopped my car and walked down in one of those fields to have a closer look. A few seconds later I heard a voice saying "Brother..If you want some, then pluck a few" in Hindi it was "Bhaiya agar chahiye hai to tod lo". That was the farmer who was very generous and gave me a big bunch of wheat florets.

Back home, the florets just lied in my balcony for few days and got dried to look even more golden, that moment I thought to make a wheat wreath. I googled and found a few pins on pinterest about wheat wreath but they were mostly for sale. And that's how I decided to make an ible for wreath.

In India, the wheat harvest season has just begun and interestingly wheat florets are used in Indian festival Holi for thanking & praying for better harvest the coming year. To my surprise it is not just India. I came across a Wikipedia link explaining what is a harvest wreath :).

Lets see how you can make this easy and beautiful harvest Wreath.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

You would need:

  1. Lots of dried wheat florets.
  2. A piece of card board.
  3. A scissor or cutter.
  4. Something to draw a cricle like a dinner plate or geometrical compass.
  5. A pencil.
  6. A small piece of string to make a hanger loop (I have a small piece of paracord).
  7. Craft glue or white glue, the first picture shows craft glue but then later I used wood glue, the thick consistency of wood glue helps the florets to remain in place. I did not want to use hot glue, that would be required in large quantities.
  8. Optional Golden Spray paint.

Step 2: Preparing the Frame

See images above and follow:

  1. Draw two circles one inside other on the cardboard. I drawn the inner circle with radius 2.65" and outer with 5.5".
  2. Cut the cardboard to create a doughnut like shape.
  3. Glue the paracord string at the back of the cardboard to form a hanger loop. Let it dry.
  4. Once dried then apply a piece of tape to hide the ugly joins :)

The frame is ready :)

Step 3: Glueing the Florets

See images above and follow:

  1. Remove the stem of wheat florets.
  2. Apply glue at the back of the floret from where the floret begins.
  3. Stick it close to the cardboard outer edge (about 1/2") by gently pressing it. You can glue florets like straight but I choose to make a swirly wreath.
  4. Put something (just to keep it in place) above the first floret (I used my metal ruler). Let it dry for 15-20 minutes, NOTE: This is important so that this floret does not move while you stick another close to it.
  5. Keep gluing and pressing the florets till you finish the circle
  6. NOTE: Be generous with the glue
  7. Once your complete a circle, wait for 10-15 minutes for the glue to bond, you can also gently press each floret.
  8. Keep gluing florets in circle one inside another till you reach the inner edge.

Leave the arrangement to dry for several hours. 1 hour would be sufficient.

At this point if you want, you can skip to spray paint the wreath, if you are into original color otherwise proceed.

Step 4: Spray Paint

I spray painted golden color over the wreath making sure that it should look golden all over. I also sprayed from sides so that the inner florets don't look different.

That's it your awesome harvest wreath is ready for your door. My best friend suggested me to add some red color to it, so I spray painted a few florets and glued them after I did the gold paint. You can see that in the main picture.

I hope you like it as much as I did while making it. Please share your feedback, comments and suggestions in the comments below. If you choose to make it, please do share with the "I made it" button.

Thank you so much for your time.

You are awesome.

Stay tuned.

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