Introduction: Hasel Muscle

Hasel muscle is used in soft-robotics for movement of robot elements.



string bags


nail polish or glue

coal dust

high voltage power supply

Step 1: Preparation of String Bags

Cut a small square at the bottom of the string bag.

Step 2: Fill String Bag

Fill the uncut string bag with glycerine to half its volume.

Step 3: Tie the Cord

Tie and then thread the string through the square cut at the beginning.

Step 4: Pack String Bag Inside String Bag

Pack one string bag into another to fill the free space exactly.

Step 5: Thread the String Through

Thread one string through the slot of the string bag so that one string is next to where the other string is tied.

Step 6: Position of the Electrodes

Glue carbon dust from both sides of the bag onto glue or nail polish.

Step 7: Finish

The last stage is to apply a high voltage to the electrodes, the pressure will be exerted under the influence of attracting electrodes on the bag, then it will stretch by pulling the string.