Introduction: Hat Heads

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Hey everybody! So this is a fairly simple build, and it's a tonne of fun. I made these after the Toronto Raptors won the NBA finals! I am a fan of basketball but also a few famous people. So I decided to combine them! These can be mounted wherever you want to hang your hats, headphones, scarfs, and whatever else you think you could use them for! I got the idea after I saw these life-size masks on Amazon for sale of famous people I admired. So I figured why not! I made this for the Fandom Contest so be sure to vote! Thanks!




Epoxy Resin -

Some sort of glue (to anchor mask to wood)

Paint Markers (to cover up the perforated holes for the eyes on the mask) -

Wood Finish -





A heat gun or blow torch (to remove bubbles from resin)

Table saw (optional: to cut down plywood)

Nail gun (optional: you could probably get away with glue

Drill (mounting the Hat Head to the wall)

Step 1: Prepare the Masks

First off, you don't have to use the masks I did. You could take a picture of your mom, dog, girlfriend, or your favorite emoji. Totally up to you! Here are the masks I purchased:

Drake -

Snoop -

Goldblum -

  1. Get your mask and make sure it's cut out.
  2. If you bought masks as I did, you need to cover up the little perforations in the mask for the eyes. I used paint markers.
  3. You can blend in the paint marker by rubbing your finger in a circular motion shortly after using the paint marker.
  4. Gently remove the back elastic band and mounts from the back of masks.

Step 2: Cut Outs and Glue Up

This is the most involved portion. This is the part where you trace the shape of your mask or face, on to the plywood. I traced two separate pieces per mask, but you can easily glue up two pieces of plywood and then cut it out as one piece. Either way will work. When you cut it, keep in mind that you will be sanding it down to exact shape after everything is glued up.

  1. Trace the face twice on your plywood (my plywood was 19/32 thick)
  2. Cut each piece out with a jigsaw (bandsaw, scroll saw etc.)
  3. Apply wood glue to one of the pieces and clamp them together making sure they are (close to) flush to each other on all edges.

Remember you'll have a chance to get the edges of both pieces seemless when you sand them.

Step 3: Glue & Epoxy Resin

Now we need to glue the face to the wood and apply epoxy resin over the entire face to create a beautiful and strong finish. If I was to do this again, I would use epoxy resin to glue down the mask to the wood. I think it might be a safer, stronger option. I used 3M spray glue and it was fine, but I think the epoxy resin could just be a better option is all.

  1. Apply glue (or epoxy resin) to wood cut out
  2. Stick on your face to the wood making sure it's centered and you have a little more wood than mask on the edges to give yourself some sanding room.
  3. When the glue has dried and set, mix up some epoxy resin and pour it over your face(s) making sure it goes right to the edges and begins to drip off the edges
  4. Let it sit for a day to completely cure

Step 4: Sand

This is simple.

  1. Sand the edges of your wood so they meet the edges of your face as closely as possible.
  2. Use a mix of a belt sander, orbital sander, and a chisel to make your life easier. (if you own them)

Step 5: Hanger Box

I'm calling this part the hanger box. We are creating a little box that you hang your head on. By doing this, you can switch around the heads you hang on them whenever you want. I used 3/4" Plywood

You need (per Hat Head)

  • Two pieces of plywood at 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" - Sides of the box that set distance from wall
  • Two pieces of plywood at 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" - Front and back of the box that's sandwiched between the 3 1/2" pieces
  • One piece of plywood at 2" x 2 1/4" - This is the bottom of your box (in case you want to store anything back in behind your hat heads like headphone cables etc.)
  1. Cut up your plywood pieces
  2. Glue and nail (or screw) your box together
  3. Use wood filler (if you want) to cover up any holes from your nails or screws
  4. Sand it all down so its smooth all over

Step 6: Hat Head Hooks

Now we need to make the little wood hooks that are mounted to the back of your Hat Heads that slide right into the boxes you made.

  1. Cut a little strip of plywood at 1" x 2 1/4" (this is the spacer)
  2. Cut a piece of plywood at 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" (this is the hook part that slides into the 2 1/4" opening of the box)
  3. Glue, screw, or nail the spacer to the top of the larger "hook" piece
  4. Sand it so it's slightly skinnier than 2 1/4" to fit into the box we made
  5. Mount and center the hook vertically on the head 3" below the forehead. The spacer should be on the top portion of the head while the longer hook portion aims towards the bottom. (glue, screw, or nail)
  6. Apply any finish you'd like on the plywood. (I used Daddy Van's Polish)

Step 7: Mount to Wall

Now it's time for the final step! Mount your bad boy on the wall and hang your hat!

  1. Mount your box to the wall. I recommend using a stud finder to mount to a stud.
  2. I angled the screw through the back portion of the box into the wall
  3. If you created more than one, use a level to make sure they are level with one another.
  4. When your box is secured to the wall, slide your head into the hanger box and BOOM!

Now you get to look at your favorite face in your office, kitchen, closet, bathroom, patio, wherever you want! These things are certainly a conversation starter and a fun way to decorate your room while being super practical. Thanks for stopping by!


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