Introduction: Hat Rack Bowling Pin

This was a project I made with my grandad and this was fun but if I did it again I wouldn't use iron bark just because it was so hard to turn but I used what was just lying around we got it done thanks to hours of sharpening the turning tools and persistance of my grandad and me and we finally finished
The iron bark came off a post that came from a job my dad was working on it was going to be used as fire wood but I turned it into a bowling pin (pun intended) ;)

Step 1: Pick Your Timber or Product

You have to decide if you want it to be a heavier wood or a lighter
Or if you want it to be a dark colour or a light colour
You could also do this with a Perspex solid cube but it's up to you
I chose ironbark for my bowling pin hat rack because it's Heavy and has a dark colour
This all depends on personal preference and what it's designed for

Step 2: Cutting to Length

Once you have picked your timber than cut both ends flush and than trim them to size mine was 300mm tall and 100mm at the base

Step 3: Finding Centre

It is quite simple to find the centre just use a ruler and connect diagonal lines
Do that on both sides and where the line intersects each other is the centre than place it in the lathe

Step 4: Turning the Hat Rack

Using the turning chisels rough out the basic shape and than Take it slow and get the final shape

Step 5: Sanding

Sand the hat rack sTarting with 120 grit and go through till it meets you standards

Step 6: Protecting Coat

There are several different things you can protect the wood here's just a few
Spray laqer
Wipe on beeswax
Pollythane stain
Clear coats
Or a hard beeswax is what I chose for mine

Step 7: Applying Protective Coating

I applied my protective coating by getting a stick of beeswax and turning on the lathe and pushing the beeswax on the timber and than buffing it off with a lint free cloth and than it's done

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