Introduction: Haunted Cupcake House!

This Instructable will show you how to make this fun little haunted cupcake house dessert. Everything shown is edible...except for the cake stand! Hope you enjoy~

Step 1: Supplies!

This set up will serve 9, feel free to increase as needed!

You need:

A Small Box of Whoppers
Chocolate Sprinkles
Milk Chocolate Melts
White Chocolate Melts
Hershey Bars
Candy Corn Pumpkins
Chocolate Fudge Cookies
9 Baked Cupcakes, preferably chocolate and unwrapped.
Chocolate Frosting
3 Sugar Cones

Skeleton Candy Mold (Optional)
Meat Mallet or Hammer
Large Ziplock Bag
2 Small Ziplock Bags
Cake Stand or Large Plate

Step 2: Melting Chocolate!

Take one of your small ziplock bags and put about 1/3 of the white chocolate melts in the bag and seal it as air tight as possible.
Stick the bag in the microwave and put it on for 1 minute. This should be plenty of time to melt all the chocolate. Take a pair of scissors and snip one of the corners off, not too much! Just enough to do some detail work.

Step 3: Bones and Tombstones!

Use your bag of melted white chocolate to fill up the skeleton chocolate mold. Or on a piece of parchment paper, just pipe out some random sized bones.
Then take a couple of your Hershey bars and break them into single blocks.
On the smooth side of the Hershey blocks, pip on random tombstone designs such as "R.I.P" and Crosses.

Step 4: Dirt!

Next, grab your large ziplock bag and a portion of your chocolate fudge cookies. How many you need really just depends on how big of a cake stand or plate you have. I used about half for mine, but it was a pretty good sized cake stand.
Take your hammer or meat mallet and let all your pent up rage and stress be put into destroying those cookies! Pound them out until your cookies resemble a course dirt/pebble substance. Set the bag aside for now.

Note: If you use a meat mallet, be sure to use the side without any teeth or you will tear holes in your bag and make a mess!

Step 5: Rooftops!

To make the rooftops, grab 3 sugar cones and a knife.
Cut off the pointed end of each cone, leaving a flat surface to apply the whoppers too.

Step 6: Rooftops Pt. 2

Grab your milk chocolate melts and the other small ziplock bag and do the same with them as you did with the white chocolate.
Once you have them melted, pipe out a dot on the top of each cone and stick a whopper on it. Put them in the refrigerator to cool quickly and fully glue the whopper to the cone.
After the whopper is attached, you can use the chocolate melts to pipe on shingles. Stick the cones back in the refrigerator to once again cool and harden the chocolate designs.

Step 7: Putting It Together!

Next, frost the cupcakes and coat them with the chocolate sprinkles.
Prepare your cake stand or plate by pouring out your bag of crushed cookies onto it and spreading it around evenly.
Then take 5 of your frosted and sprinkled cupcakes and place them onto the stand or plate in two rows.
The top row made up of two cupcakes centered and the bottom row made up of 3 cupcakes centered as shown in my photo.

Step 8: Building Up the Towers!

After laying the first 5, grab another 3 cupcakes and place them on top of the previous cupcakes as shown in my photo.
One cupcake will go on each end cupcake on the row of 3. The other cupcake with be centered in between the remaining 3 cupcakes without anything on them.

Step 9: Building Up the Towers Pt. 2!

Place the last cupcake on top of the center cupcakes to make the highest tower.
You can also begin to decorated the dirt below with various white chocolate bones you made, the Hershey tombstones, and the candy corn pumpkins.

Step 10: Applying Rooftops!

Take the bag of left over milk chocolate melts that you used earlier on the cones. If needed, soften the chocolate up again in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. Draw a circle of chocolate on each of the top 3 cupcakes and stick the rooftop cones to each of them.

Step 11: Windows!

To make any windows you want on your haunted house, take two single Hershey bar blocks with the logo side up to use as shutters. Pipe some chocolate onto the backs of them and gently press them onto the front of a cupcake. Then pipe on window panes to finish the look.
The photo shows you the layout.

Step 12: Finishing Touches!

Finish with any other creative designs you might come up with. Maybe use left over white chocolate to pipe on little ghosts and such.
I used the skull from my skeleton chocolate mold to add character. To make the door I used a 2-block from a Hershey bar and piped on little door knobs. I also broke off more single Hershey bar blocks to use as a pathway up to the front door. If I could do it again I would also fill in the window panes with white chocolate to make it look like there are lights on in the house maybe.
Anyway! Have fun with it, get creative, and make it your own!
Happy Halloween!

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