Introduction: Haunted Grave Cupcakes

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Boo !!! A few Halloweens ago I made a larger cakesize version of this. It was a haunted house with a pumpkin patch and haunted graveyard. So I decided to recreate my favorite part  in a cupcake version. Here is how I did it....

Step 1: Getting Started

1 skewer
2 toothpicks
green icing
black gel color
edible marker
crushed oreo
fettuccine noodle

First carefully cut off the dome of 2 cupcakes. Cut each one just a little so that when you put them together it forms an ovalish shape. Frost the 2 cupcakes.

Step 2:

Paint your fettuccini noodle brown. Let dry. Form a very small piece of fondant in to a ball, then shape it like a pumpkin ,remember pumpkins come in all shape and sizes. Some are tall and some are squishy. Have fun with it. Then use one of your toothpicksto roll up the pumpkin several times making a bunch if lines. Cut the painted noodle long enough to stick into the pumpkin but leave it sticking out like a stem. Now paint your pumpkin orange.

Take another small piece of fondant and make a ball and stick it onto a skewer. Let dry as long as you can. (3 hours would be good) when it’s dry , make a small ball offondant roll it out really flat and put it on top of the ball that son the skewer. Carefully shape your little ghost. It is a good idea to make extras in case some of your ghosts don’t make it. Take the end of a pen or paintbrush and dip it to the black gel color and dot on two eyes. You could also use your edible marker but I find that you get better eyes with the back of a paintbrush.

Step 3:

Put a tiny bit of black gel color and start to knead the fondant, incorporating the color in. As soon as you start to see it look marbleized , stop. Now form your headstone . Put 2 tooth pick in the bottom carefully. Now let it dry a bit so that it will be a little stiffer.

Take the remainder of the marbled fondant and roll it into a skinny snake. Use a paring knife and cut tiny little pieces. Now just  roll the pieces in your hand like your trying to make a ball, but don’t. Rocks are all sorts of shapes and sizes, be creative.

Step 4: You Are Almost Done.

Dye your icing green and prepare a piping bag with the grass tip # 233. Be sure to cover the sides good. Place the head stone. In the middle where the “body ” was buried, pipe a mound. Cover the mound with the tiny ‘rocks’ you made. Carefully add a tiny bit of ‘dirt’ towards the  head stone. This is where the ghost escaped.   ; )   Now just add your cute little ghost. 

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