Introduction: Haunted Happy Birthday

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My 7 year old Son absolutely loves Halloween and Horror related- so for his last 2 Birthdays that has been his theme choice, I Love Halloween and so it being my #1 1/2 Favorite decorating holiday. had no problem with this being his choice.

NOTE: Many decorations from his parties were hand made, along with many from Dollar Tree! (which i am sure i have pointed out is like my fav store! LoL)

Alittle store bought combined with both ideas I came up with mixed with ones i found online and i think i did an alright job this year and last!


- Halloween Decorations from Dollar Tree

-Scissors/Exacto knife -Tape -Streamers -Food coloring -Dollar Tree Shower curtain liner (you'll get what for when read further lol) -Old clothing/outfit (child size) -stuffing/scrap fabric -basic sewing supplies -hooks

-Cardboard -paper mache (flour mixed with water) -Glue -Candy

-Old Outfit (adult size) -Dollar Tree LED lights & Glow sticks -card stock -laundry basket -poster/foam board

-white interior paint

Step 1: Horror Themed Rooms/Decor

My Son & I decided on a 'Theme' for each room;

Living Room: A collection of dif decor.

My Sons' Bedroom: Zombie Zone

Our Room: Murder & Mayhem Massacre

My Daughter's Room: Creepy Carn-Evil

Living Room: I hung up some of the store bought decor on ceiling, our living room is the only room with normal, not drop, ceilings so it was easier to hang things on this ceiling. i added some skull banner around our tacky old heater, as well as lined the shelves etc with banner.

Boys' Room: large wall drop of a cemetary, i made fake 'wood panels' to simulate a boarded up window or doorway with hands coming out i just traced our hands and cut out using cardstock, painted most of the main fake wood which was just cardboard i used an exacto knife to make slits but then tried a flat head screwdriver, which came out better than the knife. (make slits before painting)

Our Room: I made a 'body' using my Son's old pants and shirt which i then stuffed, the head was more of a challenge than necessary i think- i couldnt figure out what to use to fit and stay up so i ended up using a drawstring backpack and 2 small poles which i stuck into head and down neck/shoulders so it would still be dead/floppy but sit up at the same time, if that even makes sense. stuff, stuff, stuffed! and sewed. added a hat and big googly eyes. made fake blood using food coloring (red) and glue which is where the dollar store liner comes in i put it up in our window over our normal curtain to keep normal curtain from being stained just as much as to add scary effect- splattered the fake blood over it! i had bought skulls, skeleton pieces/bones which i ziptied onto chain from dollar store and hung on one of my clothing racks, i took one of the store bought decor guys and put him on my sewing mannequin to make creepier, hung up border, etc. i took 2 of the store bought skeleton hands and filled with fake blood, they glow too so it looked cool after sitting in the light for a good 12hrs!

My Daughter's Room: I made the 'ticket booth' last minute, i think the night before, and added some streamers on my Daughter's ceiling, unfortunately we did not even use her room so ticket booth just sat outside her door. LoL The ticket booth is just a thick poster/foam board i ziptied onto a laundry basket i painted the board white, decorated with streamers,and added a scary clown face i drew.

Step 2: Spooky Snacks

1st pic (of skeleton/body on table) is from his Birthday last year, 2nd pic is from this year.

*This is pretty simple for the most part*

Last year's scary spread: a pair of my boyfriend's old pants & shirt, Skull, skeleton hands/bones from Dollar Tree, and snacks/serving bowls, creepy crawly bugs from Dollar Tree.

I laid out the pants (i believe i had to fold and/or trim to fit table) cut slits in legs to place dishes/trays in, laid out shirt & skull/bones and added food, the creepy crawly bugs i believe i added last min for an extra touch of "WooHoo" LoL

This year's scary spread: we had just gotten a new sectional which took up large portion of our living room so for set-up for food/etc i had to improvise and used a bedroom instead LoL just placed some store bought decor banner around table and on top, and added food.

Step 3: Zombie Pinata

I had started all different and did not like how it looked so this is my 2nd and final attempt.

used cardboard which i drew my basic outlines on, taped/glued parts together, inside i used t.p rolls for reinforcements, i used newspaper/flyers and a mix of flour and h2o for paper mache and paper macheted the outside, after that was done and dry (doing this step during a nice sunny day makes it go alot faster, put it on porch in sun and it dries s much easier. then i added some streamers and painted the outside. NOTE: the body and head are 2 seperate pieces and the candy went into the body part. glued a couple fake bugs on last min for effect as well.