Haunted House Pumpkin

Introduction: Haunted House Pumpkin

The pumpkin that I made has an image engraved in it of a haunted house.  I created this pumpkin in SolidWorks, using some tools that I had never explored before.  The biggest challenges were creating the basic shape of the pumpkin, wrapping the image around the pumpkin to engrave it, and making the grooves that a pumpkin typically has.  This was accomplished by using the revolved boss, wrap, swept cut, and circular pattern features. 

Step 1: Basic Pumpkin Shape

To begin, I made a sketch and revolved it around the center axis to make the basic shape of the pumpkin.  I cut out the middle using the shell feature.

Step 2: Cutting the Image

Next, I created a plane tangent to one of the sides of the pumpkin.  I went to sketch tools-->sketch picture and inserted a picture of a haunted house that I had found online (http://clipartguide.com/clipart_halloween_pics/halloween_pics_5.shtml).  I then used the lines and splines to trace the picture.  It is important to note here that the picture has to be a single connected body or the feature will fail.

Step 3: Creating the Grooves

Next I created the grooves of the pumpkin.  After experimenting a bit with how I wanted these to look, I created a sketch that intersected the pumpkin and swept it along the side.  I then used the circular pattern feature to make these go around the pumpkin.

Step 4: Stem Extrusion

I then created a sketch of what I wanted the cross section of the stem to look like and swept it along a bent line.  After this, I added some colors and played around with lighting to create a final rendered image!

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