Introduction: Haunted Zombie House Halloween DIY

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You will need:

- Silicone gingerbread house mold

- Resin - I used Envirotex Lite (For more info on Envirotex Lite, go to - they have a list where to you can find it internationally as well.)

- Pigment dyes for resin (You can color your resin any way you prefer, but I used the pigment dyes.)

- Acrylic paint - I used gray, brown, red and black

- Sheet moss and Spanish moss

- Zombie figurines - I found unexpectedly found them at Michaels

- Base - I used a basswood base

- Brown sand

- Glue

- I used E6000, Elmers, Ultimate and hot glue

- Various decorations (I used skull beads, resin tombstones, fence, fall picks, plastic spiders, skull sticker, etc.)

*I made the resin tombstones from a mold I found. I'll have everything I can find on Amazon linked here on my blog post:

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****Because I am entering this in the Formlabs contest - If I were to win a 3D printer, I would use it to make parts for my projects, as well as jewelry, and any number of different things. I would even like to try some sculptures or lamp bases.

Step 1: Watch Video

There are a bunch of steps, so it's best to watch the video first!

Step 2:

(I will try to be as complete as I can be here, but if you have additional questions, you should definitely watch the video for clarification.)

1. Paint the walls with streaky brown and gray. The roof I used the brown gray and black. The front door I used the brown, the gray and the black. I did two coats, but I made sure that I did not cover everything. I wanted it to look like a run down house, with paint peeling. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 3:

Prepare your resin, according to the package directions. I worked with four ounces at a time because I did not know how much I was going to need. The first batch I mixed white opaque dye with black, a little bit of brown and a little bit of green. I wanted a washed out wood look.

Step 4:

Pour into the walls of the mold. Be careful that you don't cover or drip on the windows. You do want the resin to run into the frames of the windows, so you might need to carefully help it with your stir stick. I didn't want the mold to be fully covered with this color resin because I wanted a darker color behind it, so it would be peeking out in areas. Any excess was put into the door mold and very little was put on the roof.

Step 5:

Run your lighter over the resin, to pop any bubbles and let cure.

Step 6:

Mix more resin and add black, brown and green pigments.

Step 7:

Pour it into the mold - again be careful about the windows. You want to pour very slowly and help move it around with your stir stick. Pour the rest into the roof mold. Allow to cure.

Step 8:

Mix some more resin. Leave this batch clear because it is for the windows. Pour into the mold, making sure the windows are covered and pour the rest into the roof mold. Let it cure.

Step 9:

Once cured, you can remove them from the mold and it is time to put them together. I used a combination of E6000 glue and hot glue. I applied the E6000 to the ends of the walls and then put them together (see video above). The E6000 takes a while to fully cure and stick, so I ran a bead of hot glue on the inside of the connecting corners, so the hot glue would hold it in place, while the E6000 finished drying. I did the same with the roof panels.

Step 10:

The house won't be attached to the basswood base because I want to be able to pick it up and put a tea light or something inside of it, to light it up. The next thing to do is find the placement on the base and mark a pencil line around it. Drill holes in the base where you want to add picks for landscaping.

Step 11:

Mix glue and sand (you can mix the sand and resin if you would rather). I wanted to do multiple layers, so I decided to go with the sand. The resin is a more durable solution.

Step 12:

Put the Crafter's Pick Ulimate glue on the base (except where the house will go). Then spread it around. Mix Elmers Glue and brown sand into a chunky mixture. Apply it to the base, where the Ultimate glue was applied. I did a thin layer. Let it dry.

Step 13:

Start figuring out the placement of everything. Glue on the figurines. Glue in the picks. Glue on the gravestones.

Step 14:

The zombies I had were set on bases. If you have similar zombies, you don't want the bases to show. I mixed more sand and glue and applied it carefully to the bases. I used a stir stick, a toothpick and a skewer stick to get it all done! Blend in the sand and make the yard uneven.

Step 15:

If you are using a fence, now is a good time to add it. I hot glued mine in place.

Step 16:

Now it's time to start the real decorating. I did red paint smear and spray to make it look like blood smears and blood spray, on the inside of the windows. When that dried, I watered down light gray paint and painted that on the inside of the windows, so they look dirty and so no one can see inside (nothing is going on inside).

Step 17:

Add moss.... a lot of moss. I added moss to the framing of the house. Along the roof, the corners and the bottom. I added little pumpkins I cut off of floral picks. I added two plastic spiders to the roof. The front door has a skull sticker. I added moss to the roof peak and plastic skull beads along the top. I added moss in various places around the yard, to cover up hot glue by the fence, around the gravestones. Add whatever you can find or think would appropriate or fun! It should have your personal touches, whether the paint colors or the accessories!

Step 18:

Lastly, it needs something to light up the inside. There are many options. You could drill a hole into the base and add a light kit, like I did with the cupcake. You do want to use a low wattage bulb if you go that route. You will also want to add some feet to the bottom of the base, to raise it up, so the cord doesn't get in the way of sitting flat. Since this is a holiday decoration, I wanted to have the freedom to put it wherever I wanted. I was originally thinking of using a flickering battery tea light. I happened across a small strobe light that runs on batteries and actually makes spooky sounds. PERFECT!!! Place that under the house and now you have a super spooky Halloween decoration!!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!!


Step 19:

Step 20: In Case You Are Interested, Here Is a the Gingerbread Christmas House Video.

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