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Introduction: Haunting Your Hood on a Budget!

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Hello! I LOVE Halloween, and usually am involved in a haunted attraction somewhere. This year, I decided to just do the home deal and have some Halloween fun w the neighbors and Family. Unfortunately, due to the economy, I had to sell all my props that I've been collecting for years. (Real bummer for me, cause it was thousands worth of stuff )
Me being me, I decided I could pull it off w stuff I have around the house and some free time.
I like pushing myself as an avid builder of many things..... this is what I came up with for little to no money.

Hope u enjoy...

Step 1: Layout and Supplies

You must first have some sort of an idea of what you want to do and how to lay it out. I had an "idea" but just kinda went w it.
I knew I wanted a cool graveyard, and had always looked at my house and saw a "face" of sorts w the windows and front porch.
As far as supplies, you can use anything you deem usable for your project.
Things I used were, coroplast sign board, wire, old costumes, spray paint, cardboard tubes ect... you get the picture!
I had some old costume stuff laying around still, so thats where i started... on the front porch.

Step 2: Guy on the Porch

This little fella is super creepy, and is nothing more than a mask, and cloak draped over the wooden eagle statue that is normally there.
The short offset stature of the statue, makes this thing look delapitated and crooked standing. I have a blue light that shines upward on his face so at night you get a cool underlighting effect.
This step cost me zero dollars, as I had these 2 things already. You could also make your own cloak out of a sheet or similar.

Step 3: Graveyard

I started this by gathering what headstones I had still, and snatched a couple from the store for cheap.
I laid out the stones to get the layout I wanted, then started to anchor them in the ground. The headstones come w stakes, but dont really do the job when it comes to wind and such. I fixed this by using a couple hangers and cut them to make stakes for the stones.
After I had them laid out and staked down, I added dirt around each one to further support them and give them a creepy look. (dirt being potting soil from a dead plant we had)

Step 4: Fence

The fencing around the Graveyard adds to the creepy factor, plus keeps people out of the yard as to not destroy the display.
It is made of Coroplast sign plastic. I had some sheets here from some other projects, but can be purchased for appox 10$ for a 4x8ft sheet in color of your choice. It's light, cheap and easy to cut w a razor knife.
I am using sign stakes to anchor these down, so I wanted the fence posts to be approx 10-12" apart so thay can be ziptied to the stakes.
I cut the sheet in half first, so I would be able to make 2 8ft lenghts 2ft tall from each of the 2 sheets. I used black obviously...
Once you have the fence pieces cut, you can beat the stakes in and ziptie the fences to the stakes.
Since I didnt have enough to go all the way around, I used our solar lights from the front to make the barrier on the yard side.
I also use a couple cardboard tubes and some wooden stakes to make the entrance posts up front and painted them black, then stuck the tiki torches inside the tubes.

Step 5: The Monster Face

I have always looked at the house and said "It looks like a face on the porch side". This was a very easy and very cool decoration. I again used a sheet of coroplast (white this time) and used the same idea as fence but cutting in 2 pieces first. then I measured the teeth out, and cut them accordingly. The top teeth are held in under the gutter and some double sticky tape. the lower center teeth are double taped to the pillar bases, and the outer fangs are on sign stakes. I then added some red paint for a blood effect on the teeth.
I used some black coro to make the eye pieces for over the windows. I cut out the eyes, then hot glued a sheer white material to the back (this gives it a good look during the day, and blocks the bathroom when the lights are on at night (didnt wanna see mirror and lights)
I am placing a Zombie silhouette in the other top front window to add creepy factor and not leave a blank window.

Step 6: Skeleton Man

I had this 12ft skeleton left that I didnt sell because I forgot I had it! Lucky me!
This was simply hung above the garage door w a couple nails and zipties......

Step 7: Running Skeleton

This is simply a cheap blow mold skeleton that Ive added joints to with bolts and metal strapping. Very simple, and much cheaper than buying an articulated skeleton. Mine cost around $20, AND TO BUY ONE COST $80-100.
I then attached him to a copper rod i beat into the ground, and used pieces of hanger wire to get him into the positions I placed him in for my display.

Step 8: Its All in the Details...

Now that I had all my base structures up, I can detail them. This was accomplished by painting some stuff, adding webs, spiders, bats, lights and anything else you may want.
This is still an ongoing project for me rt now, so I will add and update while I work.

I hope this "able" is just enough inspiration to get some of you to get creative and use some of the stuff piling around the garage or otherwise and make something creepy and cool!

All you gotta do is add a little imagination, and youll be haunting in no time!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great tutorial! I will be using some of your ideas this year. It's nice to see some projects that are inexpensive and easy to do - Once someone like you tells us the "secrets!" Thank you!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    it's amazing what a little imagination can do !


    10 years ago on Step 5

    Your house's face looks great. Our house has eyes on the top story so I've done that part, but your addition of teeth and fangs is a great touch. Good job on the whole thing. Isn't Halloween fun!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I am also working on a giant tongue for the mouth in front! Thanks for the comment!