Haute Couture




Introduction: Haute Couture

This is the First Instructable in a series of Instructables based one large project. For the rest of the October I'll be working on this Couture outfit which will be featured in two Fashion Shows this fall, one in LA and other in SF. The full out-fit will consists of a stylized dress, head piece, shoes, and custom body prosthetics. There will be many phases to each section of the work, so stay tuned in and watch this piece transform.

To start, I took a trip to a local fabric store to see if I could find the right color fabric for the project.....

Step 1: Purchased Fabric and Pattern

A simple dress pattern, and many colors of fabric have been picked out.

Step 2: Pattern

This particular pattern came with multiple dress configuration, and I have to dig through my options to find the right pattern.

Step 3: Laying Pattern Out

The specific pattern I need has been found and laid out ready for it's trim.

Step 4: Cutting the Pattern

I cut carefully along the edge of the size I desire. Based on the rough measurements my model gave me I am cutting 2 sizes bigger then what I'll potentially need to allow for adjustments during the fitting process.

Step 5: Iron the Pattern

My pattern is cut and ready for the fabric, however to cut my fabric accurately I need to smooth about the paper first. This is where ironing on a low setting comes in.

Step 6: Time for Fabric

This piece is going to consist of many fabrics sorta quilted together to create the completed dress. The over all pieces is going to be shades of gold with carved foam (that will be gold leafed) placed in particular spots. Each color variation with the fabric will aid in creating a color gradation on the dress as well as adding depth and shadows.

Step 7: Cutting the Fabric

The base layer of the dress is going to be black,and so this is the first fabric that was cut. The pattern is pined to the fabric to allow for a more clean cutting process.

Step 8: Cut and Ready for Sewing

This pattern is a very simple design that will be cut, added on to,and adjusted multiple times. With that said, I started with a simple dress shape to allow me the room to make all these later adjustments. The front and back of the dress has been cut and pinned with "right sides" facing each other. (aka the sides that will be the outsides of the dress)

Step 9: Sewing

This dress has two side seams, and one strap that will need to be sewn. Only a basic stitch is needed.

Step 10: Base Dress Completed

The first phase of the dress has been completed,and it is now ready for its first fitting. Once the first fitting is done, and notes are marked on the dress it will be trimmed into a more revealing shape. Stay Tuned for the next phase!!!

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